Your Very Basic Twitter Profile Tutorial…

I created this very basic tutorial using for the many inquiries I have received from new friends on how to create your VERY BASIC Twitter Profile.  My Top 5 VERY BASIC Twitter Tips I created for my “Smart Beginner” friends.  Click on the link below to my tutorial as well: (After your read my 5 Top Twitter Tips 😉  And as always, please Re-Tweet! Thanks so much!


1)  Put a PROFILE PHOTO – highly important so people don’t think you’re a scammer or spammer

2)  Make sure you put “http://” before the www. on your Website name so it becomes a LIVE link

3) Put keyword rich content on your Bio so the people who might be looking for you will find you

4)  Don’t lead with your product!  Just observe and see who’s doing what… who’s posting great value… who’s asking questions and Follow them!

5) When you’re ready, interact… be genuine… share pertinent information, Re-tweet tweets, make friends. you will be amazed at how easy connecting on Twitter truly is!

BIG BONUS TIP!  DO NOT SPAM and don’t just pitch your product or services…. Give, Give, Give then subtly Ask…

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