Your Unique Selling Proposition

Just came back from an event where I was asked about my “Unique Selling Proposition” and I was able to ask many others what theirs were. I have written many blog posts about this. Your USP can change through the years but your ability to communicate this as part of your overall brand differentiates you from others in the same niche.

What is a Unique Selling Proposition?  It’s essentially your “Brand Promise” in a nutshell.  It’s the deliverable of your product, system or service expressed in a few sentences.  The key word here is the word “unique” – what separates you from the rest of the people perceived to be offering the same things as you?

What’s my USP? I enable Small Business Owners and Experts to CLARIFY their brand message and gain CONFIDENCE in leveraging technology so they can CONNECT with their ideal clients, COMMUNICATE authentically from the heart and CONVERT them to customers, raving advocates and possibly relationships for life!

What makes mine “unique” is that I am able to really help to utilize what’s perceived to be “cold” and lifeless technology to warm-up and help connect people at the heart.

The things that I do to achieve this i.e., helping you design your graphics, define your own USP, write your copy, writing your best-selling book, organizing your live events, creating a marketing funnel, product/system creation, how to create videos, how to use Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, how to host your podcast, webcast, mobile marketing, lead generation, email marketing, how to use images for Trusted Branding” are a few of my specialized skills and the tools in my arsenal to help you achieve your goals.

How about you? What’s your USP? How may we help you?  Please Share and Comment below…

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