Your Message Matters… YOU Matter!

Hi everyone! Boy, how I’ve missed you! I haven’t  created videos in a while and I just experienced a major  reinvention in the last month or so, and so many exciting things are happening  in my life!  So many incredible surprises, though I know they’re not surprises because I do believe that we are co-creators of our experience and so in the last month, I have been so blessed in fine tuning the gifts that I’ve been given – in being able to support  and assist, help, develop and help up-level clients to become successful in their own mastery in being able to deliver their gifts to the world and being able to reach a greater audience.

I’m so thrilled, and I’m so thankful that clients like Joanne Bassett are really enjoying their new found courage and confidence and boldness in sharing their message. You know Joanne,  literally after she clarified her message went from  clarifying her message to actually writing a book about that message, and her mission and her mastery, and within seven days wrote her book, and  within seven hoursachieved an Amazon best selling status! That means so much to me and it gives me so much joy!

Another client Sylvain Champagne who’s been confused about his message, all of a sudden had an epiphany and a few sessions,  he’s now on path and on course. So, I am just so grateful!

Your Message Matters by Emma Tiebens

Today is the first day of my son in school and I had some emotional moments this morning.  Truth be told, we were together for three years, I home schooled our 11-year old son Garrett and I really enjoyed it. I was able to create a life of balance between being a Mom, an entrepreneur, an author, and speaker and a Brand Marketing Strategist, now an Author’s Coach. And I worked with many high-end clients, some of them would rather be confidential until they’re ready to present themselves to the world. Some of them are very vocal and are excited that I get to celebrate them. So, today I just wanted to create this quick video to send you some inspiration and to reach out to you and remind you that your message matters.

Everything that’s happening in your life is preparing you for something that is to come — is preparing you for something bigger and greater. The only way that’s not gonna happen is that if you get in your own way.  As successful as I am right now, there are many areas in my life that I’m still working on and by no means my life is not perfect, yet the goal is to be our best self and do what we can, be who we can and surround ourselves with the right people, and surround yourself with the right resources and tools, books, audio, you know always growing… always evolving and enjoying the unfolding.   I’m just getting started!

Having had a recent birthday celebration, I  just created a Birthday List of 10 items in my journal.    I’ll show you my journal in this video.  I’m going to show you my list  right here. Here also is Garrett’s scribble, I let him scribble with my journal for my birthday and his well wishing for Mommy.  This is another thing – journaling. I’m going to create a video on journaling.   I’m going to have videos basically on the most frequently asked questions that I get from people on what I do. You know I get questions on how I balance everything.   I get asked, “Emma, how do you able to balance being a Mom, wife, entrepreneur, you know clients, and still being able to give out to people and inspire people online?”

You know, there’s a method to the madness. You know it may seem that I’m on Facebook every time but honestly, I am not. Most of you  actually send me private messages saying,  “You don’t respond to my private message”.  Well, I’m really very selective and so should you.  My time is so valuable, and you should value tour time too.  So, anyway if I seem rambling on, I am not.  I’m preparing you to expect some of my videos because it’s going to be very informative, it’s really going to help you elevate where you are right now and get you closer to where you wanna be, because that is my life’s vision and mission. Part of that is to live a life on purpose and help others find theirs, and trust me in the last few years I was on purpose but now I’m even more on track – the bar is raised!

I’m kicking things up a notch and I can’t wait to continue to empower, equip, engage you, that you too, can live a life of your dreams, that you too can live a life on purpose, and help others find theirs!  Thank you for watching this video and by the way, if you have any question, and if you want me to feature your questions and mention you if you would prefer me to please write a comment down below, ask me a question or send me a private message on Facebook , on LinkedIn, send me a direct message on Twitter, I’m normally on Facebook, so, and here on my blog there’s also my contact information. Please write me, ask me questions, and I’ll be happy to answer them.

What questions should you ask?  Basically, questions  about branding, questions about how to reveal your authentic self, and how to comfortably be visible even with the vulnerability that is attached to it, and how to, you know like I’ve said how to live a life with purpose and help others find theirs and just come from that space of genuinely helping without being taking advantage of.   How to really value your time, how to really value who you are, because there are people who are going to take so much of your time.  It’s not because they want to take advantage – it’s because they just don’t know.  I want to help you understand that it’s possible to have it all – how to come from  that inspiring and joyful state all the time regardless of what is going around you.  How to choose joy and love and passion and inspiration and many, many, many more.  I’d love to connect with you , I’d love to meet you and get to know you, and I will be speaking a lot more in I wrote in my journal for my birthday list.

I’m going to continue be speaking on stages of the world, so I will be connecting with you very soon on the stages of the world online and offline.   If you’re ready to write, publish and monetize your book from within, please go to .

Cheering you to your success and reminding you, YOUR MESSAGE MATTERS…  YOU MATTER!











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