“NEGATIVE EMOTIONS are iron gates that keep SUCCESS away! Learn to control them before they control you…”

– Emma Tiebens

As a “Magnetic Success” Mentor, I am able to help clients gain clarity on their magnetizable and monetizable message, on their marketing processes but more importantly, their mind, body and spirit integration as they go through the process.   From working with many clients, the most common issue  that certainly derails their focus and attention, which ultimately DELAYS THEIR SUCCESS, is their inability to manage their – –


If you have been an entrepreneur, a home based business owner, a professional or a network marketing executive who has been diligently doing your best to keep afloat or moreso “crack the success code” into successful entrepreneurship, you know that the common issues that most of us face or had to face are:

1) Lack of support from your spouses, life partners and sometimes even your children

2) Frequent self-doubt on whether you were cut-out for whatever you’re pursuing.

3) A sense of urgency that you have to make the money now, or else…

4) Feeling isolated from the world because you friends no longer understand your position.

5) Constantly comparing yourselves to other people’s successes.

6) The belief that it’s all about knowing the latest and greatest in technology.

7) Deciding which course, seminar or coach to invest our last dollar in.

8 )Overwhelm on which to lead with and what Action Items needed to be implemented first.

9) Nagging voice from your family and friends, asking you if you’ve made your millions yet.

10) Blaming people, place and circumstances for your lack of success. Through all these, our emotions rule and no wonder success tends to happen much longer than you have expected! How do I know this?  I had to personally learn these lessons – painful lessons that continue to help me gain clarity on what I REALLY WANT.

When we know what we don’t want, we get to know what we do want. People think that knowing how to managed the 10 aforementioned challenges is no big deal, but the reality is this is what will jump-start you to learn to manage are your EMOTIONS.  Sure, our mindset and subconscious programming has a lot to do with how we are affected by challenges that come to us but along with having awareness of where our minds are set, it is being aware of where our emotions are taking us and being able to do what I always talk about which is “Pivoting to Positivity” that makes all the difference.  I learned this as part of my research and implementation on universal laws, particularly the Law of Attraction and Law of Cause and Effect.

Through the years, I have identified a formula which I would like to share with you to help you manage these emotions, which has the ability to overtake your sensibility and reasoning if you let it. Abraham Hicks has a process called “Going Up The Emotional Scale” and knowing this has continued to set me free and has aided me in my personal, mental and spiritual growth.

The intention is whenever you are feeling an emotion from a lower scale, you immediately bring  your awareness to a feeling that seeks – EMOTIONAL RELIEF You do this by attempting to see what the better emotion is and find a way to reach for that.  You will find that to go from Revenge to Joy is a big leap that is rather challenging and next to impossible but you can go from Revenge to Anger, to Discouragement, to Blame to Worry and work through it until you find relief and are no longer focused on the Revenge.  The idea is to move up the emotional scale and find relief every time you step into a different emotion.

Abraham Hick’s List of Emotional Scale

(Page 114 of their book “Ask and It Is Given”)

1. Joy/Appreciation/Empowered/Freedom/Love

2. Passion

3. Enthusiasm/Eagerness/Happiness

4. Positive Expectation/Belief

5. Optimism

6. Hopefulness

7. Contentment

8. Boredom

9. Pessimism

10. Frustration/Irritation/Impatience

11. Overwhelm

12. Disappointment

13. Doubt

14. Worry

15. Blame

16. Discouragement

17. Anger

18. Revenge

19. Hatred/Rage

20. Jealousy

21. Insecurity/Guilt/Unworthiness

22. Fear/Grief/Depression/Despair/Powerlessnes

The next question is, HOW do you go up the emotional scale?  Here is how I do it in it’s simplest form:

1)  I catch myself that I am feeling an emotion that is so powerful which ultimately will not serve me.  If I’m upset with a particular person, I say to myself “I release you to your greatest and highest good…”

2) I check my feelings if it went up the emotional scale and I identify which emotion that is first.  If I find that I have difficulty doing that, I then move to –

3) Going general – totally finding something in my immediate surrounding that I can appreciate.  if I am sitting on the couch, I mention something like, “I love this couch! It’s soft, supportive and the fabric is rich.  I love that I am here in this safe space where I am able to expand who I am becoming by my simple awareness.  I love the knowing that I am in control of my emotions and I don’t need to find something to be joyful about because I am only reaching for relief and that’s good enough…

4) Make a list of power words that you have handy to meditate on when you’re on the verge of an emotional breakdown.  I created one which starts with “Appreciation,  Boldness, Compassion, Delicious, Empathy, etc… Words that when I mull over will sure bring me a positive charge of energy that will help move me up the emotional scale.

5) Through the entire process, we must learn how to slow down our breathing.  It doesn’t have to be the “Ujjayi Breathing” pronounced “u-jai” more commonly referred to as “The Ocean Breath” in Yoga.  Just deep controlled breathing where each time you breathe-in, you are connecting to your Higher Self, God, Universe or your Source.  Then as you exhale, you release the bad emotion.  Through each breath, you are connecting with the good and releasing the bad.

6) From that somewhat peaceful and better state, you’ll find that you’ll be able to align with your powerful Spirit Within and Source Energy which created the worlds!  You will immediately realize that what lies within you is so much greater than the little trivial things that are outside of you! Armed with this knowledge, challenge yourself to see how far you can go on that List of Emotional Scale.  If you can only honestly get to Hopeful, then you can stop right there.  It’s something you can’t  fake as it will only bring back resentment.  Be grateful for the fact that you were able to move through that scale and celebrate that you now have the awareness to be able to do that when your emotions call for them. 7) Next, grab your journal if you already have one and start one if you haven’t done it before.  Any notebook will do but I suggest you make this a special one.  I have all kinds of journals but my favorite are the 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 Moleskin Classic Notebooks in black.  They are approximately $18 each but I look at it as a tool for my success and well-being and something I should skimp on.

8) CUT THE CORD – discover the beautiful and simple and ancient process of the Hawaiian “Hooponopono” which means cutting the cord.  We are all connected energetically and sometimes, the best relief is to simply cut the cord, with the realization that in time we have the ability to invite them back in but the control to give them that permission is in us. What do I journal about?  I write about the lessons and revelations that surfaced through the process and how I take ownership of what I felt and if I wasn’t the victim of the people, place or circumstance, how would my ideal situation look like if I am coming from love and a peaceful place aligned with my Source and Creator.  Would I feel that anger? Would I necessarily feel forgiveness? Or would I just be able to reach for Empathy.

People have asked me, “Is it okay to give into an emotional rage and express it to the person involved?”  Honestly, I have experienced this many times before (and I had to deal with one really serious one just recently) and my answer is that, it is situational, a case by case basis. I do believe that you have to find a safe way to express that rage and just let it out.  Whether it’s to hit a pillow or a punching bag or some find relief in send the perpetrators or violators a message or opening a line of communication that you would normally rather not have.  The intention here is to release, otherwise it will eat  you up and continue to rear its ugly head at the most unexpected times.

Before you release however, you must have clear intention that it’s purpose is not to get even or to harm, rather to just release.  You are in full awareness that if you are the victim you just get to be victimized over and over again, even after the person who victimized you no longer remember the offense. We can know everything there is to know about marketing, mindset and monetizing our message but ultimately, knowing how to manage and harness the power of your emotions will not only bring you lasting success but that kind of success I have always talked about —


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