Your Best Summer Ever!

Happy Summer! I trust you are enjoying this amazing
time of the year with family and friends!

I don’t know about you but summer has always been a time when I am tempted
to slow down, kick back and cut back on my productivity.  However, every time I do this, I find myself playing struggling to play catch up in the fall, when businesses are jumpstarting back up for the holidays.

It dawned on me…If I am experiencing this, then perhaps you just might
be experiencing it too!  You know what I mean… Temptation to limit your working hours to make time for:

1. Beach parties
2. Barbeques
3. Exotic Trips
4. Cruises
5. Camping
6. Hiking
7. Shopping
8. Poolside Lounging
9. Etc…

What’s so bad about that? Well…

1. Business is neglected.
2. Blog gets stale
3. Social media becomes unmanaged
4. Relationship building is put on pause
5. Inspiration to create content is diminished
6. The stream of prospective clients gets narrower
7. Profits start dropping
8. Some clients end up working with your competition.

What if there was a way for you to be able to make this your best – most productive and most profitable summer EVER?

What if you actually discover a way to enjoy your summer and still:

1. Multiply your efforts
2. Put your marketing on turbo speed
3. Get more online social media visibility
4. Have an army of “sales reps” marketing on your behalf, 24 hours a day
5. Finally produce those 20 videos you’ve been meaning to produce.
6. Jumpstart your email marketing and start connecting with your customers.
7.  Start your brand and reputation management
8. Give your business brand a noticeable and highly converting “facelift”
9. Dominate Google and search engines for your product and service.
10. Engage a following of loyal customers who not only continue to do business
with you but continue to refer people to you.

If this sounds like an impossible dream, you’re right.  Entrepreneurs who want
to spend a quality and meaningful summer with their family will never accomplish all of these without seeking and investing in an expert who can help make this happen.

I know all about wanting to do it on your own.  You probably are saying to yourself: “I can’t hire an expert because…”

1. “I can do this myself…”
2. “Social media is all that I need to get visibility…”
3. “Video? Who needs video?”
4. “I don’t need a brand… I don’t understand it so I don’t need it.”
5. “I already have a big following on Facebook and Twitter…”
6.  “I have enough business already…”
7.  “I don’t know who to trust…”
8.  “I don’t have enough funds to invest in an expert…”
9.  “I am already spending on magazine ads and direct mailers…”
10. “I am already doing Groupon and Living Social…”

Well, these reasons are all great if your business can’t handle any more business, but reality is most businesses still needs to go from “Invisible To Visible” and the number one reason they’re not is:


And for those who do, they don’t have the time to do marketing and run a successful business at the same time.  They know they need help but they don’t know who to actually trust!  So, they end up dabbling, experimenting and worse, they postpone taking action and they lose precious resources of time, money and yes, valuable customers in the process.

My heart ached – and continues to ache –  when I witness this vicious cycle happening to hundreds of  local and online businesses and seeing some of them even closing their doors for good because they simply couldn’t manage to stay in business.  I told myself, if there was only a way I could help them.

All of sudden, I realized that I can indeed help them!  Instead of offering pure business consulting and group coaching, why not do it all for them?  Having created successful and profitable campaigns for many satisfied clients, I knew that by offering a full-service VIP Diamond Package where we get to do EVERYTHING FOR YOU would not only eliminate excuses but will cut years off your learning curve and experience success faster!

After initially offering this to only a select group of entrepreneurs, it is my distinct honor to introduce you to:

Why? Because nothing gives me greater joy than to see entrepreneurs getting out of overwhelm, making a commitment to their success, having more time for those who matter most and truly creating a powerful, compelling, engaging and profitable business online and offline!

The downside?  Well… I can only help 3 business each month because this is not an assembly line… this is the Rolls Royce of all of my offerings.  This is not group coaching or consulting, nor am I sending you a “do-it-yourself” system.  This is a personalized and highly customized for you and your business. is exactly what it says it does… my team of highly skilled and masterful professionals will work with you to create the best marketing campaign you have ever experienced!

Is this service for you? Maybe… maybe not.  I have to be honest…  I don’t accept everyone.   This is by “Application Only” as I have to be sure that we are a perfect match for each other. To complete an application, scroll down and fill out the Application Form below...

However, if you made it this far in reading this post, you probably already know my commitment to success and excellence and that you would like to be one of the 3 I will be working with in July,  please send me an email ASAP at and leave the best number to reach you so we can schedule your strategy session with me ASAP! We’ll fill out your application during our session.

Oh and for the first 10 to respond, I have a gift for you.  I will  create a Customized Blueprint for your business  that will be yours to keep whether you decide to work with us or not… Sounds fair?

What’s the catch? There is none except that with your new found freedom, you can very well say that this is your best summer ever!

I look forward to speaking you soon and helping you create a highly Visible, Influential and Profitable business!

I’m Cheering You On To Your Success!

Emma 😉



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One thought on “Your Best Summer Ever!

  1. Happy Monday, Emma!

    What an awesome project you got here…. seems like you are really keeping yourself busy the whole summer long….is this your version of an Emma-bootcamp? lol…. I got delayed with my website project due to an inappropriate server… nevertheless, I will turn it into a blog page instead and then start over for the website. I still keep inspired by your blogs….keep coming !!! Hugsss….. 🙂