“You Are The Brand”, Is NOT About YOU!

You Are NOT The Brand by Emma Tiebens

"It's Not About YOU"

It is so refreshing to somewhat be back from my brief hiatus. Well, I guess what seems brief to others seems like eternity to me!  Honestly, I felt rather detached when I couldn’t get online and couldn’t connect with and support my subscribers and friends.  It’s rather frustrating to see what’s going on, via my iPhone screen but not be able to respond to anyone due to time constraints.

During my self imposed break, I made a decision to utilize this time wisely and immersed myself in reading and listening to my favorite mentors on my iPod while I was packing our old home and unpacking into our new home – Dani Johnson, Joyce Meyer, Joel Bauer, Richard Greene, Mike Dillard, Tom Bell and re-read “Think And Grow Rich”, The Magic of Thinking Big”, 100 Secrets To Happiness, Never Give Up, Trust Agents.

As I listened to these wonderful mentors, there was a commonality in what they talk about which was:

“Increase your worth in the marketplace and the marketplace will pay for what you’re worth.”

How does one increase his/her worth?  Well, I know for a fact that after spending tens of thousands of dollars and countless hours, increasing ones value in the marketplace means investing in these 2 key things:  Personal, Mindset and Spiritual Development and SKILLS.

My good friend Jerry Chen just came up with an interview with Jairek Robbins and he gave me a distinct privilege to be able to ask Jairek a personal question and that was:

“With the limited time and resources beginner and somewhat advance entrepreneurs have these days, where would you say they should invest their available funds in – Personal Development or acquisition of SKILLS?”

My heart goes out to entrepreneurs who desperately want to learn and win in the online marketing game, yet found themselves very limited with time and money.  Ironically, whatever little money they have to invest is spent in products that they don’t necessarily need at the stage in their businesses they’re in – resulting in overwhelm and overload and not getting anywhere.

How do I know this? Because I’ve been there… done that…

Everyone talks about “You Are The Brand”… what does that really mean? Does this mean you’re now free to talk about you and brag about your achievements?  Does this mean you’re going to only  share things about you?  Does this mean it’s time to fluff your feathers and be the alpha bird you called yourself to be? Does this mean you’re just going to dominate the online world and make it all about YOU?

Absolutely NOT!

Here are 5 Ways On How To Effectively Use You As The Brand To Create Long Term And Loyal Advocates:

1) “You Are The Brand” is far from just talking about and putting the focus on you.  Your focus has to be to help and empower others, whether is through empowerment, encouragement or inspiration.

2) “You Are The Brand” – is about stories about other people that you share with others because it ties with the message you want to convey to them.

3) “You Are The Brand” – is the community you create of like minded people sharing the same value and together you are able to lift each other up and come up with ideas that will benefit the community as a whole.

4) “You Are The Brand” – is NOT about being known or known about something but positioning those connection and relationships to engage others and create a viable business.  With no business generation, it is not a real personal brand.

5) Last but not least, “You Are The Brand” is just a small piece of your marketing efforts.  You need to be able to back that up with your own product or service that will benefit even just a small group.   Having a “Marketing Funnel” which starts with your niche, your offering and your marketing flow is key.

If you need help with identifying your niche, I highly recommend Cindy Schulson’s “Dominate Your Niche” – this has helped me tremendously get clearer on my problem solution statement which has further helped me expand my brand to add value to a more targeted group of individuals.

Mike Klingler’s “Marketing Funnel Mastery” has helped me really understand that all my social media and marketing efforts were futile if I didn’t have a funnel that effectively ties together my brand, my product and my relationships with my subscribers and clients.

BTW, while I am thinking about it, many of you have been asking me where I am speaking LIVE next…I am proud to share that I will be one of the guest speakers at the Empowered Business Entrepreneurs Summit in Newport Beach on October 29/30, 2010 at the Ayers Hotel.  This even is hosted by Alicia Bausley and Lisa Hanfileti – two of the most incredibly talented and generous leaders I have ever met!  I would love to meet you in person and assist you in gaining more clarity in your marketing efforts at the stage you’re in… (if you’re serious and money – or the lack of it – is an issue, contact me and I will offer you my exclusive discount)


Please leave your comments and share with me how this post has made you think about the meaning of “You Are The Brand” and what you believe your brand is and if you haven’t identified your brand just yet, I would like to find out what you’re doing to take the necessary steps to identify your brand…

As always, I am here…

Cheering You On To Your Success!

Emma 😉

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5 thoughts on ““You Are The Brand”, Is NOT About YOU!

  1. Emma,
    I love the perspective you add on personal branding. Building relationships is such an integral part of your brand, and there is no one better to teach that than you. It’s who you are at your core and I love that about you.

    Thanks also for sharing news about my home study program, “Dominate Your Niche with a Personal Brand that Sells YOU”. In it, I explain how your brand consists of 4 key elements: WHO you help, WHAT solution you provide, WHY you do what you do, and WHY people should work with you. When you break down something so intangible into something more concrete, it really brings more clarity. And I’m so glad it’s helped you with your business as well.

    All the best and thanks for all that you do,
    .-= Cindy Schulson´s last blog ..Create a Marketing Funnel For Your Niche =-.

  2. Hello Emma,

    First of all, I think the five points are great, helpful and complementary in terms of where I continually try to head in my own pursuits online. Stuff like…

    *Community and sharing
    *Inspiring others
    *Marketing with focus and integrity

    I would say to all those (at least that’s my summary of what you said): Yes!

    And, in terms of your question, I am continually refining what I consider to be “my brand.”

    In a very real sense the subtitle of my site says a great deal as to where I am at: “Harnessing the power of purpose and skill development for social marketing excellence.” In fact, I will most likely modify at least one word of that subtitle as I continually zero in on my particular focus.

    At this stage of my online journey I see myself as…

    *Focusing on attraction marketers;
    *Providing an inspirational, motivational and self development resource for those attraction marketers to learn and grow by;
    *A life coach assisting them (and others) in their pursuits.

    And, in terms of my ongoing steps to refine and develop my “brand” as I’ve outlined above, I continue to:

    *Clarify my motivations and what I believe to be my skills sets — which means, basically, an ongoing process of personal reflection.
    *Use my skill sets in an effort to acquire additional clarification.
    *Learn from others (i.e. such as this post from you).
    *Grow in the development of my own particular marketing funnel.

    I would say, Emma, that this would describe pretty well where I am at a this time.

    Excellent post.
    Thought provoking questions.

    — Live. Learn. Grow. Inspire. —

    .-= Lee Wise´s last blog ..Attraction Marketing Excellence – On Personal Renewal =-.

  3. Hi Emma,

    I couldn’t find a contact form on your blog so decided to add it here.

    It’s Gavin Mountford here… I hope you are well. I’m just going through the top 50 MLM blogs and checking out my favorite blogs.

    Yours is one of them 🙂

    I’ve just made a quick comment on your listing in thatMLMbeat & voted for you.

    Would you be happy to do the same for my blog listing if you find it valuable?

    You can find it here http://thatmlmbeat.com/gavin-mountfords-networking-superstar-blog/

    Thank You in advance and keep up the great work!

    I look forward to connecting with you soon…

    Gavin Mountford
    .-= Gavin Mountford´s last blog ..Have I Impacted Your Life In Any Way =-.

  4. Hi Gavin! What a treat to have you visit my blog… 😉 I have been on hiatus, re-directing, re-defining and slowly getting back in being able to connect, inspire and encourage… Thanks for the contact info! You’re doing amazing things out there… keep up the great work!


    Emma 🙂