Would Love To Celebrate You In 2012!

Happy “Almost” 2012!!!Still here in Louisville, KY enjoying a most awesome holiday with my husband’s family… Decided to spend some time at the Louisville Public Library to get some quiet time and a moment of introspection while my boys check out Puzzle’s Fun Dome for some father/son time 😉  I am looking out through the glass window watching snow fall to the ground and it’s beautiful!

I just thought of how incredibly amazing the past year has been for
me and my family.  This was a year of major BREAKTHROUGHS that
I never thought possible for myself, until I sought the help of and
invested in the right mentors.  It was then that I realized that no
matter how much we know, there’s always going to be someone
who has already figured out the map or holds the blueprint to where
we want to go…

(Here I am Speaking and Training at the Microsoft Store In South
Coast Plaza, Costa Mesa, California)

YOUR IDEAL MENTOR… Should be someone who is:

1) TRUSTWORTHY – already has a proven track record and
already has people raving about the results they have generated.
2)  CARING – genuinely cares about you and your entire well-being,
not just your business but the MIND, BODY and SPIRIT ( the
Mindset, Message, Mission that create the Miracles) behind
the business.
3) GENEROUS – in sharing of himself/herself where as soon as
your working relationship starts, you are treated like family.
RESULTS rather than excuses.
5) CONNECTED – has already built influence with other thought
leaders so you have access to his/her circle of influence and
invaluable resources.
6) INVESTOR – has already invested hundreds of thousands of
dollars to learn and teach proven success strategies.
7) ACTION TAKER – has already gone through the long learning
curves in implementing highly effective marketing systems.
8 ) TRAINS OTHERS – on his/her expertise in a group setting or one
on one.

Humbly yet boldly, I can honestly say that I am one such
Mentor who is Trustworthy, Caring, Generous, Results-Driven,
Connected, Investor and Trains Others.For 2012, plans are underway to uplevel my game and getting
more visibility and exposure into main stream media – TV, Radio,
Print – as well as speak globally on a topic near and dear to my heart:

As I envisioned my 2012, I couldn’t help think of you and
how you too could potentially benefit from this.

Which means as I speak worldwide about my message,
you will be one of the people I will be celebrating and whose story will
be featured along with mine! Your story will also be included in my
upcoming book “The Relational Marketer”.

As you probably already noticed, I make it a point to be respectful of
my subscriber list with offerings every week.  I hope that by now,
you already know that ENCOURAGING, EMPOWERING
and EQUIPPING you are foremost on my list.

However, in the spirit of creating “Win-Win” scenarios for 2012, I
have decided to create an “Irresistible Offer” to you my loyal subscribers.
For the next 2 weeks, I would love to give you the opportunity to
work with me for a  fraction of what clients would normally invest in
my programs.I have a complete VIP DONE FOR YOU PROGRAM that is
normally offered for $15,000 and part of that is a VIP Day with

Some of my clients who are not quite ready to invest that sum
of money, have asked me if I can meet with them for just the VIP Day,
so I started to offer that for $2,997 and to get me for a full day at
that price is really  an amazing value…

HOWEVER,  for a very limited time, I am offering that same
FULL Day VIP Day with me, just you and I where we can do sooo
many things listed here, even have me take your branding photos
and shoot your videos or help you update your blog, or fine tune
your message…

even accept Payment Plans)

(What’s the catch? I can only offer this for the next 7 days
and only to the first 9 people as I want to make sure I have
time for those who are investing the full amount for my
complete Done For You Program)

What’s in my VIP Day? Please click on the link below:

How many times have you invested 3x or even 4x $997
on a course that’s still sitting in your shelves and you never used?

Imagine spending a full day with a Mentor who can help you
make a Quantum Leap in just one day for such a small
investment?I know this offer will go fast so if you’re tired of being stuckwith technology or tired of being unclear about your message
or if you have always wanted to create a product or marketing
funnel and just don’t know how…

This VIP Day offer is for you!

Not to mention, having your own photos and videos done in a day
and getting advice on what topics to speak of and how to speak of
them,  now that in itself is worth it!
If you’re one of the select few who will be able to take
position ASAP.  Let me know why you should be one of the 9 I advantage of this offer, you would need to do this IMMEDIATELY:

1) Send me an email to info@therelationalmarketer.com and let me know of your interest and secure  your position.

2) Immediately act upon the email invoice I will send you.
3) Schedule your 1 hour pre-VIP Day Phone Strategy session via
my online scheduler.
4) Schedule our full VIP Day!
5) Prepare for a Quantum Leap in your personal and business
life and finally be more understood, appreciated, admired, create
a following of people who are ready to invest in whatever it is that
you offer!

Again, please go to www.VisibilityInfluenceProfits.com for
more information and grab your VIP Day with me now before
price goes back to $2,997. (This means even if you’re from out of town
and need to fly into Orange County Airport, CA, you still get big savings!
Have a truly Beautiful, Blessed, Abundant and Inspired 2012!
A Very Happy New  Year!!!

Until next time…

I’m Cheering You On To Your Success!

Emma Tiebens
Author, Speaker, Brand Marketing Strategist and Consultant
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I am an Author, Speaker and Authenticity Branding and
Marketing Consultant and Strategist.
Do you have a business that already has a steady stream of clients
1) Trust you?
2) Consistently do business with you?
3) Refer more people to you?
If not, why not?
Do you have a V.I.P. Brand?  A brand that is VISIBLE, INFLUENTIAL
and PROFITABLE online and offline?
That’s what I do… I teach you how to become the only logical
choice by leveraging technology to help you create a powerful online
presence enabling those who are already looking for you to
understand, appreciate and do business with you.
I help you SIMPLIFY your social media, video and email marketing

efforts so you get out of OVERWHELM and start moving forward.

I can and will help you GO FROM INVISIBLE TO VISIBLE.
Connect with me now and ask me how!

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