V.I.P. Done For You

Done For You Diamond V.I.P. Package with Emma LIVE – Go From Invisible To Visible, Master Your Marketing

If you don’t have a brand that is Visible, Influential and Profitable right now, I know exactly why…

  • YOU ARE NOT VISIBLE! Your clients can’t find you…
  • I totally understand… You are not visible because you’re probably:
  • Not comfortable being seen
  • Concerned about what people might say about you.
  • Unsure of what strategies do work.
  • Afraid of looking like you don’t know what you’re doing.
  • You don’t understand the technical aspects of marketing
  • You don’t have time to learn and implement the barrage of information out there.
  • You are on information OVERLOAD and OVERWHELM!

If you can relate with any of these, I created the DONE FOR YOU  V.I.P Package Including VIP 1-Day Intensive for YOU!

With this “Done For You” service, my clients go from Invisible to Visible and are able to dominate Google within 72 hours or less!

The EmmaOn1 “DONE FOR YOU SERVICE where I personally sit down with you for an entire day and together, we personally create your Branding and Marketing Campaign for you and with this service, you now have a full 1 day with me so we can really roll our sleeves up and start creating every single component of your campaign. The best part?


  • 10 – 20 Branding “Magnet” Videos
  • Social Media accounts
  • WordPress Blog
  • Lead Capture Pages
  • Autoresponder Follow Up Emails
  • Professional Graphics
  • Professional Branding Photos
  • Keyword Research
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO
  • And Much More!

As we create your marketing campaigns, I will:

* Listen to you and hear your vision and your life’s and company’s mission.
* Help you with any of the challenges and concerns I do for my Coaching and Consulting Clients.
* Create all the components of The Emma5 – Done For You while we’re together.
* “Done For You” Branding of Graphics
* Give you your own copy of M90X Millionaire Marketing System- DVDs and How-To
* Done For You Marketing Funnel – from your free offer, lead capture page, thank you page, email autoresponder, videos and social media marketing strategies.
* Film, edit and upload your videos on YouTube.
* Viral Video Submission to over 100 Video Sites, Blogsites and potentially even podcast sites.
* Connection to my “Circle of Influence (Priceless!)
* Invitation to V.I.P. Events by Mentors and Peers (Priceless!)
* 6 hours (1-hour/month)  of Coaching and Consulting calls after that.

In summary, however you choose to work with me, my specialty is helping you succeed – faster, better, and more effortlessly!

There is only one challenge and it’s a good challenge…

I Have Very Limited Availability

Because I personally work with each client and I am committed to details which make for a very successful campaign. I participate in all the aspects of the campaign, from graphic design, written copy, themes, video content, etc. This means I am only able to work with a limited number and very select group of clients each year.

I also am not generally available for “rush” jobs – as my experience shows me that “rush” jobs are seldom in anyone’s best interest.

That’s why I am only accepting clients “By Application Only”.

Why My Clients Succeed…

My experience working with top mentors in the industry like Joel Bauer, Mari Smith, Mike Dillard, Mike Klingler, Chris Brogan, Dani Johnson, Jorge Bueno , Mike Koenigs and others with whom I invested thousands of dollars and thousands of hours learning cutting edge-technology, implementing highly specialized knowledge and creating success stories of highly satisfied clients you are guaranteed only the best results!

Our Criteria for Client Acceptance:

1. You must have an idea on what your passion, product, expertise and offering are.

2. You understand the importance of building a successful business online.

3. You understand the value of having an online Visible, Influential and Profitable Brand.

4. You are committed to seeing this project through and implement my teachings.

5. You are coachable and plan to heed my marketing advice.

6. You are a “doer”, not just a “dreamer”- You’re a “winner“, not a “whiner”.

7. You are an optimistic person with an abundant mindset.

I created this list to show respect for your time and money. By screening only those who are serious and ready for success, I free myself from qualifying people who are not quite ready to succeed. This way, I am able to fully give you my undivided attention because you’re the one who’s ready for success NOW and not 6 months or a year from now.

All I know is that I have clients who have gone from “Invisible to Visible” in a few short weeks after working with me.  They have certainly become “Trusted Advisors”, attracting customers ready and willing to work with them!

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Questions? Please let us know by simply calling my office at +1 714-442-9078.

Thank you for your interest. I look forward to working with you and helping you move leaps and bounds in your personal and business life.

Cheering You On!


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