Will You Still Use Facebook If You’re No Longer In Business?

I was driving home from Garrett’s school this morning and thought about how much fun my little interaction with powerful women industry leaders, Ann Sieg, Rachel Jackson, Deborah Tutnauer and Jackie Ulmer was last night.  We were talking about our “work out music” and all of a sudden there’s this burst of nostalgia from the “King of Pop”, Michael Jackson all the way to Backstreet Boys, New Kids on the Block and even Tom Petty!

Funny, we weren’t there anywhere near each other but I felt a bond with these amazing women entrepreneurs!  In one thread we covered business, work out music, Merlot and popcorn…

Two weeks or so ago, another “virtual thread party” happened when at 1am, I posted a comment on my friend Jorge Bueno’s Wall and all of a sudden, I see my other good friend Jerry Chen chime in… I followed Jerry’s activities for that night and saw that he was also commenting on a thread with industry leader, Mike Klingler.  I chimed in and in no time, the amazing Diane Hochman was also replying to the thread and it really felt like a virtual party!

I just absolutely love these leaders I mentioned on this note!  It made me wonder this morning, where else would you find such the opportunity to socialize and really have fun, at the same time connecting with people who in the past were just “public images”… icons or legends if you will…

The proper connection with social media truly enables ANYONE to reach people they wouldn’t have been able to reach before!  You have the resources right there in your hands and it’s just a matter of you really making a commitment to create that connection if it’s important enough for you.

This morning, as I reminisced those great times, I wondered to myself… “Will I keep on Facebook-ing and Tweeting if I decide to no longer be in business?”  It’s almost like the question of “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?”

Most people start on Facebook with the intent of re-connecting with friends and families but find themselves inspired by the entrepreneurial movement and they start checking into the possibility of creating an online business.

Some, they start on Facebook with the intent of generating leads or getting visibility for their business and they end up creating relationships that are sometimes more priceless than what they have offline.

There is a degree of social acceptance that makes Facebook and Twitter so “addicting” if you will.

For the past 2 years, social media has been an integral part of my life that my day is really not complete without it!

I use my Facebook and Twitter for both business and personal because I thrive in the opportunity to be able to Encourage, Empower and Engage someone.  That for me is the essence of Relational Marketing.

Social Media has allowed me to build and forge incredible relationships that I will cherish even if someday I decide to no longer be in business.

Social media has made the world so much smaller, that as long as there’s internet connection, you can use it to make a positive difference in someone’s life anywhere in the world!

Start using social media wisely and with the right intentions and it will reward you with incredible relationships and opportunities far more than you can ever imagine!

My answer to “Will You Still Use Facebook If You’re No Longer In Business?”  I believe my answer is a resounding YES! How about you? Why and why not?

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4 thoughts on “Will You Still Use Facebook If You’re No Longer In Business?

  1. Emma!

    You know I’ll still be on Facebook even if I wasn’t in business- I LOVE it! Not only do I always learn something new on Facebook from everyone’s posts- but I have truly forged some amazing relationships that were either born online or started offline, but continued online! I mean, how else would I be able to keep up with all of your book releases and live events?!?

    And what’s up with Jerry Chen always starting late night parties on Facebook threads?!? a few weeks ago, he started a thread that kept me up waaay past my bedtime!

    Hugs! 🙂
    .-= Natasha Nassar´s last blog ..The BIGGEST Mistakes Beginning Internet Marketers Make =-.

  2. Emma,
    Oh, that’s not even a second thought for me. Facebook is definitely a way to keep in touch with so many friends from across the world. I really don’t look at it as a business, to me it’s still all about the personal touch and what I can share with others. So yes, it’s here to stay!
    Val 🙂
    .-= Val Wilcox´s last blog ..Paying the Price of the 3 R’s =-.

  3. Oh, absolutely Emma! I would guess that right now I use FB half for business and half for my personal life. In business, I have forged great relationships with people all over the world, who may (or may not) someday become business partners. Either way, I have made new connections. And I have rekindled long-past friendships with people from my past…. people who, without FB I would never have heard from again.

    For this reason alone, I would definitely use FB even if I stopped doing business tomorrow.
    .-= Dr, Bob Clarke´s last blog ..3 Ways To Get More Attention From Your Network Marketing Sponsor =-.

  4. Emma,
    I love this post! Where else but facebook can a 54 year old woman become friends with 26 year olds and totally learn and grow from them???
    Facebook is an amazing place to be and my answer to you is YES- I will still use facebook for socializing. I’ve met a few people I’ve friended there offline as well and have truly developed new friendships.
    Look forward to learning more from your posts.
    A Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving to you and your family!!!