Why YOU SHOULDN’T MISS Dani Johnson In Los Angeles, CA!

We finally got back from our week-long vacation and realized that Dani Johnson’s First Steps To Success Seminar is only 2 weeks away and  I didn’t want to waste anytime in inviting you to attend this life-changing event!  First Steps To Success by Dani Johnson is on Sept. 12 and 13 at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel in CA!  Here’s why I implore you to not miss Dani Johnson’s First Steps To Success:

1)  Your breakthrough awaits – whatever is stopping you from success will be revealed in a HUGE way!

2) Your eyes will open wide to the “universal laws” that you didn’t think were important to your success.

3) You will get more clarity on the unexplained reasons on why you do the things you do and why you know you were born for more!

4) You will learn how to pay down debt in a methodical and systematic way you never thought possible!

5) Dani Johnson will help you get out of whatever “deep pit” you’re in!  She has a gift of reviving hope for the hopeless!

If you are ready to experience the 5 reasons I mentioned above and much, much more, click on the link to register.  This is also an opportunity for some of us to actually spend time, IN PERSON for 2 straight days and I look forward to meeting most of you!


CLICK HERE NOW:  www.FirstStepsToSuccess.com


If you’re curious to  know who Dani Johnson is or if you want to get a feel for what she has to offer, please go to:



Still not sure why you need to know and meet Dani Johnson?  Here is her recent Update on her Facebook Page… this gets me wildly excited! I hope it does the same for you!!!


Dani Johnson August 28 at 9:41am Report
OOOHHH MY GOSH!! i just had the most amazing time of inspiration from above. I am soooo EXCITED about what was uncovered. I have electricity going thru my entire body right now, i feel like i am going to explode. I can’t wait to share it with you. It is driving me crazy that i cant give it all to you right now. For those who have an ear ooohh they will hear. i’m telling you, you are going to freak out!

This morning has truly invigorated me. And there is a people who will hear what i heard this morning and they will have the same response i had, I am SURE of it.

If your one of these people: YOU will massively increase your FAITH!
YOU will gain AUTHORITY and produce RESULTS because of it. Speaking with Authority strategically to your clients, prospects, children, co-workers and employees changes you effectiveness BIG time. You will know exactly how to do that.
YOU will know how to build a WINNING team and how to help them to SUCCEED.

YOU will know what to do with a situation that doesn’t look like it will benefit you and not only will be beneficial, it will turn into the greatest thing you have ever accomplished in your life.
YOU will absolutely be equipped to leave the regret, guilt and shame of your past behind you once and for all.
YOU will no longer beat yourself up for all the countless stupid mistakes, failure and mishaps that you have made and instead see CLEARLY that they where a perfect set up to get you to where you are going.
YOU WILL be equipped to go after the PRIZE no matter who is against you, no matter who has rejected you, no matter who has stopped you, no matter who will try to stop you. YOU WILL go on to get the prize you are working for!
If YOU have ever felt ‘Disqualified’ because of your statis, gender, age, race or profession. ‘Disqualified’ because of rejection, hardships,handicaps and big bad nasty mistakes from your past or present. ‘Disqualified’ because of others in high places said you were…

This message that only a few will hear is for you!

I will EXPOSE this information September 12th & 13th in L.A. California starting at 9am. It is gonna drive me crazy to hold this in for the next 2 weeks URGH!

Don’t add another REGRET TO YOUR LIFE by MISSING IT.

Have an awesome day on purpose,


Register NOW: www.FirstStepsToSuccess.com

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