Why Social Media? Mike Dillard and Perry Belcher Rocks!

It’s Saturday afternoon – my son Garrett and hubby Gary are having an easy day for a change. Other than assembling Garrett’s new filing cabinet for his room and choosing photos for his “Starring Student” board, we just hung out and watched the movie “Twister”. It’s the umpteenth time I’ve seen the movie but I noticed something that I didn’t notice the first time I saw it. It wasn’t about the tornado themselves…it was about Aunt Meg. Aunt Meg was well loved because she showed genuine interest and caring for those tornado chasers. She cooked for them, offered them a place to stay and just always give them a jolly good time! When it was her turn to suffer from the tornado, it was the very same guys who rescued her and her dog from being crushed by her own home!

Social media is so much like what Aunt Meg has shown. Like Mike Dillard always says “Dig A Well Before You’re Thirsty”. It’s about giving information, being helpful and setting yourself apart as someone dependable, trustworthy and is worth “following”. Last night, I listened for the first time to Mike Dillard’s and Perry Belcher’s recorded webinar on Social Media Secrets. I am amazed at the hearts of these two men and what great chemistry they had! I was on my desk laughing with them at 1:00am! I’m surprised I didn’t wake my family up!

I learned sooo much from what they had to share and normally I would have already transcribed my notes to share but I would have to wait for when I can get their approval to write about it. I realized that some of the info they shared there are proprietary and I will respect that. To think that I almost didn’t get on their class list! God is amazingly good and his timing is always perfect! Everyday, I pray for valuable resources of people, wisdom and time and He continues to answer my prayers!

I have always been told that I am a “relationship queen” – I love encouraging and empowering people! There is no greater joy for me than to see someone blossom and shine to their fullest potential! As a Flight Attendant, I looked forward most to “jumpseat therapy” more than the destinations. I love connecting with people! When I owned my jewelry business, I found more joy in making new friends than the acutal monetary rewards itself. When I was introduced to Network Marketing 3 years ago, I thrived not because of the company and the product but because of the RELATIONSHIPS I formed through the business. People have always told me – you are going to do great in this business, you’re a natural sales person or you are a great people person. While I believed that, those didn’t really help me achieve the success that I envisioned to attain. I sucked at prospecting and have always wondered why. When I was introduced to social media, I excitedly told my husband about it but his immediate response was, how can such an impersonal medium create a personal relationship with people? That was the thought that lingered in my head until last night. After listening to Mike and Perry that I finally realized that there is a way to connect the dots!

I know there are a few people who subscribed to Mike and Perry’s series and I am also certain that all of us have varied take aways. However, if I may share some of my main take away and epiphanies, here they are:

* Two way communication will rule and social media allows you to communicate not just with one or two people but hundreds if not thousands at a time!

* For my business to succeed, I need influencers, not the sneezers! I need to surround myself with people who are keeping up with the times and not those who choose to continue to stay inside the box!

* I have a renewed respect for Facebook and Twitter – I look at the people in my circle of influence in FB and Twitter as my friends so I am free to be myself! I just need to always be sharing something positive (no negativity allowed) – there’s enough of that in the news.

* This is a biggie! When you’re sharing, ask yourself, what are you going to share from the heart? People will see through phony-ness!

* The biggest lesson I learned is this: Social media works if people learn to respect other people. Again, the “golden rule” – no in-your-face slimy sales approaches! That’s not meant for social media! So, I am taking this time to APOLOGIZE if I have innocently done that in-your-face-slimy-sales pitch in some of my previous posts. Ignorance excuses no one but please accept my apologies of a newbie…

* Last but not least – I coined an acronym of what one needs to BE to make the best of your social media experience. I call it S.E.R.V.I.C.E. if you’re going to start posting, you need to BE:

S – Sincere
E – Excited
R – Relatable
V – Valuable
I – Interesting
C – Considerate
E – Entertaining

So there you have it! If there are any of you out there who are part of this series, please feel free to share your comments!