Why Do You Need A Mentor or Coach?



As part of our Proverbial Success Principles Video Series, I would like to share with you one of the most common yet overlooked success secrets:  having and choosing the right Mentor or Coach and knowing what Mentor or Coach to have in various areas of your life. 

I attended the Dreams To Reality Success Summit hosted by Tracy Repchuk on May 16 – 17, 2009 at the LAX Marriott with colleague Jerry Chen.  Incredible wealth, life and business coaches shared their success secrets and the services that they offered.  To name a few:  Dave Woodward, Woody Woodward, Dave Schooley, Melanie Benson Strick, Tracy Repchuk, Adam Ginsberg, Raymond Aaron, Gail Bottomley and Bernadette Doyle. 

One of the highlights of the evening was a Private Movie Screening of the Movie The Fly Boys http://www.theflyboysmovie.com .  What made that evening extra special was our chance to meet Rocco Devilliers, who directed the movie.  The Fly Boys truly is one of the best movies I have ever seen in a very long time! 

Why do we need a Mentor or a Coachr? Because every great athlete and every successful team has one! Who are we not to have one?

Here are some wonderful highlights from that weekend:

Woody Woodward  – The Law Of Importance – why people do what they do – allows you to focus on that something that you will not give up on regardless of what comes your way.


Tracy Repchuk: Marketing Makeover Maestro How To Profit from your passions and have recurring riches – the acronym PASSION –  31 Days To Millionaire Marketing Miracles.


Adam Ginsberg – $20MM in 3 ½ years – it doesn’t matter why people buy – it’s not up to you, it’s up to them!  Success is the result of good judgment, good judgment from experience, experience from bad judgment.


Melanie Benson Strick – How To get 7-Figure Results with your new secret – LEVERAGE.  Right activites at the right time gets right results.  Lack of leverage leads to burn out and overwhelm. Specializes in Virtual Teams, CEO thinking and masterful delegation.  One huge lesson:  what is it that if you accomplish within 90days will get you closer to your goal?


Rocco Devilliers – Director of the movie The Fly Boys www.TheFlyBoysMovie.com . Started as a dream – 8 years in the making – his message is to have the courage to dream and believe in your dreams against all odds. 


Dave Schooley- Master of Direct Response TV.  – brought you Jack Lalane’s juicer, Ab Roller/Windsor Pilates. Upsells, incentives and ethical bribes that co-incide with incentive alliance.  Rewarding people who bring you business. 


Judith and Jim – soft sell or spiritual based marketing.   Instead of ROI, it’s about ROE – selling as a spiritual service.   Overcoming the fear of being fabulous!


Raymod Aaron – Monthly Mentor – one of Robert Kiyosaki’s and Jack Canfield’s mentors – I am so thrilled to now be enrolled in his Monthly Mentor programs!  He shared something so simple yet so profound regarding what is stopping us from the flow of abundance!    He’s also an advocate of doubling your income doing what you love and what’s right for you!   Your very best thinking has you exactly where you are today.


Gail Bottomley – social media queen!  She shared  about “I Saw You Out There” – Video, Blog, Forum, Facebook, Twitter…the lady knows her stuff!


Bernadette Doyle – the queen of teleseminars.  How To Have Giant PayDays with Teleseminars!  For some of us, this is the missing piece.  I believe that Bernadette has what it takes to really teach you how to find your niche and where you can help the most people!