Why Do You – Or Don’t You – Blog?

This weekend, it was so nice to catch up with friends either bumping into them while shopping at the mall or at holiday parties and neighborhood mixers.  Of course with the usual, “What are you up to these days?” sort of question, I couldn’t help but notice that there are still a lot of business owners out there who are still resistant to online marketing.  Interestingly enough, some of them still don’t know what a blog is and for the few who do, it’s there is still a resistance in their mind about blogging, social media, video and email marketing.

See?  And most of us in our online circles think everyone knows what we know and that we don’t know enough to make a difference in other entrepreneurs, right?  Well, if you’re beginning to feel that way, it might be time to seek out other ponds to fish out from.  I guess that topic is for another day… Let’s stick with “Why Do You Blog?”

I am not new to blogging… I have been blogging for the past 2 years and what’s interesting is that it I still get asked by a lot of entrepreneurs on why they need to blog.  I find it really odd that most of them are still highly resistant to blogging.

What’s interesting is I totally understand their hesitation.  It took me an entire year before I felt comfortable launching my blog.  From entertaining the idea of having a blog, to thinking of what to write on my blog, to getting over the vulnerability of sharing who I was and what I am about was a HUGE deal!

How did I overcome blogging?  I realized that I have life’s lessons that entrepreneurs can learn from.  I also have specialized branding, marketing and relationship skills that I can share which will enable entrepreneurs and those who are transitioning from the workplace into becoming business owners.

I also believed then that like the “Good Steward”, every good and perfect gift that has been given to me, will be taken away – or will become useless and of no value – if I don’t use it.

I have always kept a journal… I had “diaries” from when I was in grade school… trust me, that’s a loooong time ago and yes, I still have them all with me.

So, I made a decision to blog and at that point, it didn’t matter to me whether my blog would be read by one person or one million people.  My goals were simple – to ENCOURAGE, ENLIGHTEN and EMPOWER Entrepreneurs!

ENCOURAGE with inspiration from personal life’s experiences

ENLIGHTEN – with Mindset and Spirit Driven Personal Development Principles

EMPOWER – with specialized branding and marketing skills, resources and relationships I have invested thousands of dollars and hours on, through the years.

I know there is always room for improvement.  I know I could use more efficient plug-ins, I could drive more traffic and optimize my blog site.  That’s precisely what I am in the process of doing.

The lesson I want to share is that I didn’t wait until I fully understood what blogging was, or what it will do for my business.  I didn’t wait until things were perfect and everything was in place for me to get started with blogging.  I just went ahead and did it…

Now 2 years later, I was able to connect with many prospects and clients, right at the heart, with my blog posts and I have built a site that has a decent ranking on Alexa, that now positions me as someone who can help others incorporate blogging as one of the key strategies to position them and their business for Visibility, Influence and Profits.

My blog is also a place where I showcase my videos and this is truly an extension of who I am and what I offer.  This is where people find the real me where they can get a feel for who I am and what I have to offer. This is where my prospects get a small sample of me before they choose to work with me.

My blog is my “home” online while Facebook and Twitter are the “parties” where I pre-qualify those I want to invite to my “home”.  In my home, I pre-qualify my guests further – those who are just invited to my backyard and those who will be allowed to have access to the “inner sanctum” of my home.

I believe that choosing not to blog is a huge mistake!  Savvy consumers now demand freshness, relevance and currency of content.  Your prospects would like to know how consistent and committed and congruent you are with your message.

After all, I know that even children are blogging these days!  I figured, if a child can blog, then what’s my excuse?  Even our 9-year old son Garret has his own blog!  In fact he has 2 blogs now…  GemstoneKid.com and TheMartialArtsKid.com.

While his passion has changed and is no longer updating GemstoneKid.com, it was a wonderful experience for him.

Now, almost 3 years and hundreds of blog posts later, my blog has evolved and continues to evolve… My specialized skills have honed into being a Branding and Marketing Strategist and now more than ever, I am an advocate of helping entrepreneurs create an online brand that will take them from invisible best kept secrets to highly visible Trusted Advisors online!

Shortly, you will see the next evolution of The Relational Marketer and it will be quite remarkable and distinctive! Stay tuned… to be notified of our upcoming updates and receive my 10 Free Videos on How To Use Relational Marketing To Grow Your Business, please go to:

So, why do you blog?  Or, why don’t you blog?  My curious mind wants to know…

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Cheering You On to Your Success!

Emma 😉

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  1. Oh boy, how did your wonderful comment slip by me, Ray? You’re soooo amazing! I see you everywhere! How do you manage everything being a newly wed and a super successful entrepreneur and thought leader and you still manage to comment on people’s blogs! You blow me away… You are much appreciated… Many Blessings…