When Authenticity Is Not Authentic

Sitting in my car today, waiting for an appointment and I have thousands of thoughts going on in my head and one stood out so strongly… It’s about AUTHENTICITY.  A buzz word that seems to have been thrown around lately.

As a Brand Marketing Strategist,  I believe that Mindset, Spirit and truly understanding WHO YOU ARE  is key to having a powerful and compelling online brand. Your external brand is an extension of your internal brand. If you’re not ready to be transparent, genuine, vulnerable, empathetic, sharing of the pieces that will actually attract your ideal clients to you, will prove to be rather difficult.

I receive tons of emails from various campaigns I opted in for, and I am in awe of the masterful copy writing. When I read them, it’s so engaging and it’s so convincing that I instantly feel connected with the brand… they come off as trustworthy and are genuinely interested in my success.

Here’s the sad discovery… When I go to do research about them and their social media content or even meet them in person, I am surprised to see how their presence show how they are:


Yes, some of them have reached a celebrity status and large following where they can afford to just be who they are and no longer care about what other people say. Perhaps they have to put up a front to limit their accessibility. I know I have personally experienced events where after I spoke on stage, there is a line of people waiting to shake my hand, take photos with me or ask me a question about what I spoke about.

I can only imagine what these celebrities and thought leaders must be dealing with when they have hundreds of people constantly wanting their attention. The excitement of the accolade probably gets old after awhile. It must be draining and perhaps even unexciting to be constantly revered and looked up to.

I worked in movies and television in the past and I know there is such a thing as a “camera face”. I call that “REHEARSED AUTHENTICITY” – it’s an act… it’s not real… It’s a means for them to cope. It’s neither good nor bad, it just is.

The challenge is most of them get used to acting from a place of inauthentic authenticity and at some point, the margins become  blurry. They start producing results in their lives that they don’t like – their popularity wanes and ultimately people no longer trust what they say.

Now that we have access to so much technology and that “We Are The Media”, we must nip this “Authenticity Monster” in the bud. Practice truly caring for those whom you want to attract – without manipulation, without extortion – coming from a place of love and desiring more life for all.

The congruency will bring you more SUCCESS, more PEACE and more importantly more INSPIRED JOY.

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