What’s Your Excuse? Jake Doesn’t Have One…

Thank you, Don Sewell for sharing this inspirational ESPN video of an incredible young man, our beloved Jake Olson. Our family goes to the same church and school as The Olsons and while we we are not necessarily close family friends, we do know the family and we’ve seen these events unfold thru our mutual friends and our school Principal Art Blietz. Jake is THE MOST INSPIRATIONAL PERSON I have ever met!

This video tells the story so I don’t have to repeat it… I am sharing this because when I watched this video, after the tears and prayers, I realized that this young man didn’t allow fear or excuse get in the way of living his life. That by doing so, I know that he has chosen to live his God given purpose and to use his life to encourage and inspire people along the way…

How about you? What is your purpose? What gets you out of bed each morning with sheer excitement of what the day brings? When your purpose is clear, commitment happens and the only way that will stop you are FEAR AND EXCUSES.

Jake Olson didn’t let those get in the way! How about you… what’s your excuse? What are you afraid of? Maybe it’s time to realize that F.E.A.R. truly is False Evidence Appearing Real and like Excuses, it shouldn’t exist…

Watch this and forward this to your family and friends to inspire them too!

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2 thoughts on “What’s Your Excuse? Jake Doesn’t Have One…

  1. I cant get my mind off of Jake Olsen,I want to help.I am a 44 year old male caucasion and want to know if Jake can have an eye transplant?I want to give him one of my eyes.I do wear glasses to read and realize this and my age might prevent me from being a donor.I am the bleeding heart of bleeding hearts and maybe this is my purpose in life,to give someone something they lost.The courage and positive attitude this young man has is inspirational far beyond what any word(s)can express.He needs to be able to see his parents,sister and family.He should be able to see his teacher and classmates,play with his friends…….and able to watch a USC football game…….again! I want to make that happen.I live in Fremont,CA which is about 10 miles South of Oakland.You can reach me at nerrad1010@yahoo.com Tell me where,what and how I can become Jake’s donor.
    Darren Long

  2. Hello Darren!
    How are you? I apologize for this delayed reply… > Just came back from an Internet Marketers Caribbean Cruise and finally now getting back to my Blog. You are such an amazingly generous person! I was blown away by your comment… Yes, we absolutely love Jake Olsen and his FAITH. He is beyond remarkable… beyond anyone we have ever met!

    I will forward your comment to Jake’s family. While I can’t promise that they will respond, I want to personally bless you for your incredibly huge heart and willingness to make a difference in Jake’s life.

    I am short of words to let you know how grateful and in awe I am by the thought of you offering your sight so Jake can see… it’s the most perfect picture of what God has created us to be and you’re not only speaking it… you’re living it!

    Blessings to you and your family, Darren!!!

    Emma 😉