What’s “Really” Working Now By Mike Dillard

Last week, I created this video to share why to this day, I am an advocate of Mike Dillard and the products and services he offers. People ask me why I still endorse his teachings now that I am already an author a business consultant and starting to speak in social circuits.

The plain and simple reason is this. Mike Dillard revolutionized – and in my opinion – has allowed a lot of us to really succeed in our chosen internet marketing businesses by teaching us not only the skills but the mindset that goes with a successful online entrepreneur. He is a visionary and he constantly seeks counsel and learns the most efficient and leveraged way to do things. He consistently invests in educating himself and surrounds himself with people who complement what he does. He is a Master Marketer, Strategist, Implementor and Delegator.   If you don’t own his Magnetic Sponsoring course yet, it’s time you do!

A lot of people missed Mike’s initial offering of What’s Working Now but luckily Mike is offering it again but only for 2 days… Wednesday and Thursday April 21 and 22, 2010. With a wait list of almost 5,000 – it says something about this particular product.

Don’t wait for Wednesday… go to www.HeresWhatsWorkingNow.comIt will say “Oops sorry you missed it”… Put your name and email anyway and get on the list so you will be the first to get notified when he offers it again on Wednesday… you wouldn’t want to miss out again…

Sure, like other Mike Dillard products, this is also an affiliate offering… Would I still recommend it if this wasn’t an affiliate product? You bet I would!  I have created videos sharing books that I’ve read that has worked for me and I don’t get paid a dime to review it… I recommend restaurants and movies all the time and never get rewarded for it.

Why do I still recommend Mike’s products?  Here are my Top 5 Reasons:

1)  I get to learn new skills.

2)  I get to teach others the skills I learn.

3)  The clients I coach now get to empower others with the same skills.

4) I get to spread the word about his product and other entrepreneurs benefit from it.

5)  I get rewarded for referring his products to people – something that I would do for free!

Don’t just take my word – take advantage of his 30-day money back guarantee –


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