What Makes YOU Qualified As An Expert?

It’s 5:30 am …it’s very dark and quiet around here…for Lent, we decided to go to Mammoth Mountain and just relax as a family. It’s due… we have been working and running around like everybody else and we believed that it was time to REALLY unwind.

There is something about being in the mountains that makes me appreciate the beauty of God’s creation. Being in a valley, looking at the snow-covered gargantuan mountains leaves me in awe! There is something about falling snow that really makes you stop, appreciate and slow down. The joy in Garrett’s face as he throws snowballs to his Dad or makes a snow angel is priceless!

My boys planned on going skiing today and I have really planned on writing in between my Mommy-duties of cooking and tidying up our cabin. We are so blessed to have a good friend who owns a beautiful condo up here on Snowcreek and he gifted us with a 4 day-stay!

This morning, I purposely woke up earlier than my boys. I was itching to write while it’s all quiet. So I brewed my coffee and sat down. However, as soon as I sat down, I asked myself, “Well, what will I write about?” There was nothing in particular that came to mind except that I wanted to capture the essence of why we’re here so I just typed away…

But then, a question that came to mind was this: “What Makes You Qualified As An Expert?” If you’re on Twitter and Facebook, you’re probably very familiar with some wonderful experts out there. Some are experts in social media marketing, some in website creation, video marketing and some in mindset development and some in life and success coaching. If you’re like me, I have always been inspired by many of them and I really and truly want to connect and learn from them.

What about you, what is your expertise? What’s that burning passion you have from inside that really wants you to keep going and make a DIFFERENCE IN SOMEONE’S LIFE! What experiences have you had in empowering others with that? What might seem so irrelevant and insignificant to you is probably where your expertise lies. All of us have wisdom to give and to share. One of the major differences between those who want to be coached and the experts are that the experts already have measurable results, they have already spent thousands of dollars and lots of hours in personal or technical development and they have produced results for themselves and for others.

When your focus is no longer just on yourself but on the greater good that you can provide others, it’s inevevitable that you become an expert in whatever it is that you chose to be proficient in giving from. This question could help you when the focus turns to turn on you again: “Do you leave people better than you found them?” Whether it’s by making them feel special by a kind word, a smile or a word of encouragement… Most human beings have a great desire to connect but most people simply don’t know how.

For the past 6 months, I have been constantly asked if I am a success coach and how much I charge per hour. I always felt that I don’t have what it takes to be an “expert” just yet and that coaching is best left to people who are educated…who have a degree in psychology or have a true experience in the business world. What I have completely forgotten is that yes, I majored in business, yes, I have succeeded in business and I have years experience of practically going to “graduate school” of life through the countless hours and dollars I spent attending various seminars and workshops. Indeed I am definitely equipped and I’ve been helping people from where they are to where they want to go.

With that said, I am proud to say, I AM AN EXPERT! I am an expert Relational Marketer…I am highly proficient at teaching business owners how to capture their essence and their message and help them get that message out to the clients who are waiting for them via social media marketing, internet marketing and video marketing. And as they develop their own expertise, I am able to help connect them with people they need to connect with.

This weekend, will be a another huge turning point in my life! This weekend is when start putting together everything I have learned and create mini-teachings that I will be able to post on this blog to help encourage, empower and enlighten. I believe that I went through many darkness and uncertainties so I can bring them out into the light. Buckle-your seats and prepare yourself for an incredible ride of your life!

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