What Is Your Heart Brand?

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Yesterday, I had the privilege to be a Guest Presenter at my friend Leta Russell’s
MindMapping For Business” Webinar.  We had quite a turnout!

I have done quite a number of webinars for myself in the past few months with topics ranging from spirit driven personal development to social media to video marketing to branding for Visibility, Influence and Profits.

When Leta asked me to be one of her guests, she said I have 30 minutes or so to talk about what I am really passionate at which is helping people go “from invisible to visible”.

Then one day last week, I had a conversation with another dear friend, the ever so brilliant and wise Kathy Eppley, Founder of Astound Yourself.  It was brief conversation that gave me quite an epiphany!

In our short but highly profound conversation, Kathy enabled me to see that “something special” that  has truly equipped me to help countless people in profound ways in the past few years.  The revelation was so exciting I couldn’t contain myself!

I have always thought that it was my specialized and applied knowledge of  social media, video and email marketing that was creating effortless success for me but I realized that there was one thing that truly set me apart from a lot of “experts” out there and that is my genuine desire to love on entrepreneurs and see them succeed.  I realized that what has truly been key to my success is connecting with others from the heart.

Sure I am very proficient with leveraging technology and I do my best to teach  strangers, prospects and clients cutting edge information…


I realized that what has truly set me apart from other experts in our industry is my


I realized that our brand is not just how we present ourselves to the world.  It’s not limited to just the physical and outer appearance.  If the term “You Are The Brand” is true, then for YOU to become a real brand, you need to include a huge chunk of you which is your heart.

I streamlined the elements of branding that has worked for me to the “6 Elements of Branding” – these are original ideas that I have been living and teaching and now able to quantify and simplify so it’s more “consumable”.  I discussed in great detail during Leta’s Webinar, and they are:

1) Heart Brand

2) Mind Brand

3) Spirit Brand

4) Offline Brand

5) Online Brand

6) Success Brand

For this post… I urge you to focus on your Heart Brand… what are your interests? Who are your inspiration? What’s your life’s mission?

It’s your Heart Brand Awareness that will enable you to truly connect with your target audience and attract them in profound and meaningful ways that is not achieved just by writing a good copy on your sales page.

I would love to hear your thoughts… Have you thought of your Heart Brand before? If you haven’t, what will you do with your new discovery?

Looking forward to hearing of your epiphanies as well!

Till next time…

I Am Cheering You On To Your Success!!!

Emma 😉

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