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Happy “Immigrant” Anniversary to me!

Twenty four years ago, with one suit case in tow, I found myself
at the Manila International Airport, (now Ninoy Aquino International Airport) –
surrounded by my family, saying our good-byes was quite a scene.
I remember vividly the never ending hugs, uncontrollable tears and repeated
advice and farewell words from everyone.

My sense of excitement was mixed with fear and uncertainty because:

– This was only the 2nd time I would be on an airplane and the thought of a
16 hour flight was absolutely scary!.
– I couldn’t speak English fluently.
– I had a difficulty understanding spoken English.
– I was VERY timid and shy.
– I didn’t have a lot of money with me.
– I only knew 2 families in the entire United States.
– I didn’t quite know what to expect as I have NEVER been to the US
prior to this trip.
– I was leaving EVERYTHING – family and friends – behind and not
sure when I’ll see them all again.

I remember while I was on the Immigration Line, 2 people said to me:
“Wow, you really don’t want to leave, do you?  You were crying so
loudly back there, I thought you were going to pass out!”

Looking back, what has kept me going was the vision that I believed
I was simply saying “Yes” to opportunities that presented themselves to me.
It was never my dream to come to the US.  My dream then was simply to
do something so drastic that would make the greatest impact in my family’s

Having been born to a very middle class family, I have always been
fascinated with the wealthy – people who enjoy a lifestyle that not
many people are able to enjoy – who always look like they’re having the
time of their lives and have this very important thing:  CHOICES.

I thought to myself – “When I reach the US, I am going to work very, very
hard, save my money, learn as much as I can about the culture and
finally BE somebody and by being somebody, I would also honor and help
out my family.”  And when I would feel hesitant about my trip, what has always
managed to get me inspired was the thought of starting something now and
if it doesn’t work out, I was young enough to pick up the pieces and start
all over again.

Needless to say, the first few years I spent as an immigrant wasn’t all
that I thought it was going to be.  I had to:

– Learn to cross the street, as in the Philippines, we were used to ”
dodging” the cars when crossing the street.
– Taught myself to cook, enjoy and appreciate American food.
– Watch the news and many TV Shows and movies to understand more about
how American’s speak.
and it was nearly impossible to learn them all!
– Watch the Home Shopping Network to educate myself with more specific words,
products and innovation.
– Joined the local library so I can have access to more books.
– Walk through the malls to acquaint myself with how American’s dress up
and accessorize.
– Get myself familiar with an American home, especially the many gadgets in the kitchen!
– Learn to use a washer and dryer for clothes and a dishwasher for dishes!
– Force and train myself to speak the language, and reduce my accent as
much as possible.  I was tired of hearing people telling me to repeat myself
when they didn’t understand what I said.
– Train myself to not convert dollars into pesos when I would go
to the grocery because I probably wouldn’t have bought anything and starved!

It’s fascinating to remember how I saw things so differently with excitement
and awe.  Today, I still wake up with excitement and awe as I savor my “evolution”.


Speaking at Author Expert Marketing Machines Live Event

I have become a Mom, Wife and a Best Selling Author, Speaker, Mentor, Entrepreneur
and have connected with the worlds “Who’s Who” in Personal Development, Leadership
and Humanitarian Causes.  I now have a daily reach of thousands of people who
send me private messages on how my presence in their lives, continue to inspire them.
They are living proof and absolute manifestations of my life’s mission:

“To consciously and consistently align myself with the power of who I truly am
in the eyes and heart of the God, Spirit and Source that is within me
and guide others to reclaim theirs so they too can THINK, FEEL and ACT
their way to Prosperity that has always been there and was always theirs to begin with!”

My profound discovery that I would love to share with you is this. Throughout my journey,
there have been “12 Positive Feelings and Emotions that are innate, inherent and will
always be an integral part of our journey.  My resonance and awareness of
these emotions have served as my “navigational system” which tells me whether
I am right on track and prepares me for the next level.

Emma Tiebens Panel at Author Expert Marketing Machines

Pay close attention and take this to heart because understanding the power of
these feelings has the ability to change  your life!

– Love
– Hope
– Joy
– Inspiration
– Faith
– Belief
– Allowing
– Acceptance
– Appreciation
– Empathy
– Gratitude
– Creativity

Twenty four years ago, my desire was simply to have a stable job, make
enough money to pay my bills and send some to my family in the Philippines.
Now, having learned to harness the power of these 12 emotions, I have evolved into
someone I never ever dreamed about, and the best part is my ability to
now impact hundreds of thousands, if not millions of lives, through the choices
I have made.

You are still reading this either because you resonate with my immigrant
story or because you believe that YOUR MESSAGE MATTERS.

I will be expanding this more at my live event coming up in March 2013.

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webinars and my live event, please go to:

Until We Connect,

Cheering You On!


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