The World In Mourning…Why Am I Mourning With It?

A couple of days ago, when I heard the passing of Ed McMahon – I was saddened…I know of the man and how he entertained a lot of people and is the face of hope for many who participated in the American Publishing House Sweepstakes which ran for years!

Then, yesterday morning, I was saddened to hear about Farrah Fawcett’s passing…she was the epitome of beauty, style, grace and fame for me as a young girl in Manila, Philippines. I remember eagerly awaiting her show “Charlie’s Angels” every week and to see the re-runs was the highlight of my day! I have 3 sisters and we would pretend to be Charlie’s Angels and I would always be Jill!

Yesterday afternoon, when I found out that Michael Jackson was found in his home not breathing, I was shocked… I didn’t know what to feel… I wasn’t sure at first whether they were able to revive him at some point so I eagerly watched the Twitter Trends to see what was going on. My Mom turned the news on and it was then when I saw “Michael Jackson 1958-2009” – my heart ached… I ran to my computer and checked Twitter and it was confirmed – Michael Jackson was pronounced dead at 50.

I didn’t know exactly what to feel as I haven’t really heard much of him in the last few years. I guess subconciously, I wanted to preserve my memory of the Michael Jackson of the 70’s through the 90’s. His music has impacted my life in more ways than one. My Mom is a lover of music and the first album she bought us was the Jackson 5 Album which had Ben, Rockin Robin, I’ll Be There… I associated those songs with a time in my life where everything was wholesomely simple and innocent.

In 1985 a special song gave me a vision that even as a young woman from the Philippines, I could still make a difference in the world. That song was “We Are The World”! What made it even more special for me was because Michael was one of the few who spearheaded this worldwide worthy cause.

A few years after I moved into the US, Michael released “Heal The World”. At that time he made a quick visit to Manila and I remember seeing him on TV when he visited the children at the hospitals and how genuine and caring he was to them. He even said that his personal song for the impoverished people for my country was “Heal The World”. I understood then what it meant to be able to gain fame and use that fame for a worthwhile cause.

When “You Are Not Alone” was released a couple of years later…I remember sobbing listening to that song, remembering how much I missed my family in Manila and how my migration here was partly because I want to be able to help them. His song helped encourage and inspire me to press on. I took that song as God’s message to me telling me that I will never be alone because He’s always with me.

Yesterday, I said a prayer for comfort for the families of Ed, Farrah and Michael and the eternal peace of their souls. I thought that was enough to show my mourning for these special people who have made a difference in the world through sharing of their talents. It finally hit me last night, after watching videos of my favorite Michael Jackson songs that I actually share in the grief of everyone whose lives were somewhat impacted by these three individuals.

This morning, as I was having coffee with my Mom we couldn’t help talk about my childhood memories…my Mom vividly remembers and associates his songs with particular milestones in our lives. I was supposed to be working on my videos and autoresponders right now but instead, I decided to blog and pay my last respects to three amazing individuals who helped shaped the world.

The message is clear…WE CAN ALL MAKE A DIFFERENCE. We are all given gifts to use for the betterment of people within our reach. It’s up to us to do what we can to expand that reach and always think of how we can leave people better than we found them.

Click Here to Watch YOU ARE NOT ALONE Video

Click here to watch HEAL THE WORLD Video

8 thoughts on “The World In Mourning…Why Am I Mourning With It?

  1. Emma, that is so beautiful. The power of music is inestimable. And thank you for the reminder of the importance and significance of each of our individual gifts.

  2. Emma yes I am sad too. The interesting thing about all of them is the impact and legacy they all left. What a testament to what they did while they were alive! I think we must all fast forward to our own fates and determine — what do I want to leave behind? What can I give to the world? MJ gave SO much – so much. He was a troubled human, perhaps, but his creative genius and raw talent just live on to give us joy forever and ever. Thank you for your wonderful tribute to them all.

  3. Hello Colleen! Thanks for taking the time to read my humble tribute…it’s amazing how a huge chunk of ourselves relate to these people…that part of humanity which always wants to do better for others in a bigger way! Thanks for stopping by 😉

  4. Hello Dearest Amy! Wow, thank you for taking the time to visit and read my blog tribute…yes, I can’t whisk away the sadness… not yet anyway…it just comes when I remember memories that are somewhat related to them. Yes, I totally agree – it’s all about LEGACY – what our lives would stand for and what we’ll leave behind. That’s why I love saying “Whose Life Is Now Better Because of Yours”. I am beyond excited to be seeing you and working alongside you again with SMARTY! You Missy are building a truly huge and relevant legacy, indeed! Hugs, Emma 😉

  5. Emma~

    Thank-you for writing this and sharing your thoughts! Its a sad week in Hollywood and around the globe!! They will all be missed greatly!


  6. You are not alone. I, too, recall dancing to the songs of MJ. I would studythe music videos (attempting to master his choreography), my room PLASTERED with his posters. I watched Charlie’s Angels and even cut MY OWN HAIR to look like Farrah’s. And I waited anxiously for Ed Mc Mahon to come to my door.

    Thank you for sharing your memories.

    Ana Caban

  7. Hi Cory!

    Thanks for stopping by, saying “hello” and taking the time to leave your comment. Yes, it is indeed a sad time but we know that “every legend lives on…” Take care and “see” you around!

  8. Hello Ana!

    Thanks so much for stopping by and for sharing your sentiments. Wow, you have so many fond memories of him too! It’s amazing how one person could have an impact – mostly positive – on so many! Yes, let’s find joy in reminiscing the beautiful memories we have associated with MJ’s songs. See you around!

    Emma 😉

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