The Result Of My 14-Day Challenge… Joel Bauer’s Own Testimonial About Me!

My life had a complete transformation in the past 3 weeks, eversince I met Joel Bauer at Passion 2 Profit. Thanks to my friend Moriah Diamond who gave me 1 of the VIP tickets that she had for the event.

What did Joel and that event do for me? It reminded me of the deeper reason on why I do what I do… I am passionate about seeing entrepreneurs succeed! I feel a huge sense of responsibility to encourage them and equip them with the skills and the tools to succeed but I felt like I need to learn more before my message can be heard loud and clear!

Joel Bauer has made me realize the gift of “heartsuasion” – that when you come from a place of genuinely helping people, what you have inside is good enough!

That event opened a new and bigger chapter in my life – because of that, Joel Bauer took notice of me and invited me to participate in his LIVE product shoot at Palm Springs Studios together wtih Jorge Bueno, another Master Marketer. On top of that, Joel created this very encouraging testmionial about me! Such testimonials from Joel are rather rare!

So what’s next? I am finally creating my own product – something that I know will help entrepreneurs achieve success via an effective, profitable and powerful online presence! I will teach them to be easily understood and to build powerful relationships they didn’t think possible before!


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