The Power of Your Presence

“Does your presence leave people better than you found them? It doesn’t have to be an earth shattering experience! A powerful presence elicits a silent permission for you to remain in people’s lives, to stay connected, to nurture them and make an offer of a product, system or service when appropriate as a perfect opportunity with the most appropriate timing…” – Emma Tiebens

It has been a rather busy month for me with my live-event as well as other speaking engagements, board meetings and networking events and while it was rather tiring at times, I find so much exhilaration in engaging with people of all ages, social status and expertise.  Here I was at my most recent “Unleash Your Book Within” 1-Day Live Event.

I have been attending events for the past 10 years since I became an entrepreneur but I do remember that when I was in my early 20s as I was working as a Production Assistant in one of the biggest movie production companies in the Philippines – when a lady I highly respected and admired – who came from a very prominent family – took me out to lunch, gave me this beautiful bracelet and told me;

“Emma, you have an incredible personality, you get along with everyone you meet, you have this incredibly caring energy and people’s lives seem to be better when they’re around you.” I was so surprised to hear that because I never thought that about me. All I knew then was that I like having fun in everything I do and I have always been interested in people. I remember my Career Counselor in high school telling me that I would excel in these 2 areas – Theater Arts and Psychology. She then proceeded to tell me about her latest trip to the U.S. and I was even more in awe because at that point, I didn’t even see myself ever coming to the U.S. even for a visit because it was such an impossibility. I didn’t know anyone here, nor did I think I have what it takes to survive here. This is what was really shocking. She told me:

“I see you going to the U.S. and really making a life of yourself there because you really have a special gift that not many people have. The POWER OF PRESENCE.”

I was really shocked by that statement! First of all, how could someone like me with no financial resources, no connections, no desire to go to the U.S. even come close to be given the opportunity to come here. Second, what the heck is the “Power of Presence”? I am just showing up, having fun and truly caring for people with NO EXPECTATION other than to serve and somewhat be liked? Yes, to be liked… I was, like many Filipinos, a people pleaser because I cared about harmony, relationships, connecting and leaving a lasting and positive impact.

Interestingly iin 1989, 2 years after that seed of possibility was planted in my heart, I found myself on a United Airlines flight from Manila – San Francisco to Los Angeles. I was migrating to the U.S to start my new life and the rest is history.

The Power of Presence

That story is relevant to this day because it has become the basis for my awareness of the true power that I have. The power to be fully present and genuinely show up with a open heart in the most authentic fashion. This knowledge has truly helped me help many of my clients understand how are they showing up and how are people perceiving them? It has become the basis for my Amazon Best-selling book and signature workshop, “Magnetic Memorable and TRUSTED”.

Here is a picture from my last workshop at the University of California Irvine for the Conference of Asian-Pacific Pre-Professionals – CAPP, where I spoke to a group of college students and pre-professionals on Personal Branding that gets them results!

Are you aware of your “Personal Presence”? Whether you’re an Entrepreneur, Executive, Expert, Educator or Employee, you exude a “presence” that essentially becomes your Personal Brand. Imagine a “Presence Meter” that gauges your influence, memorability and engagement with everyone you meet,  how would yours read?  Will the arrow point more toward “Forgettable” or will it be closer to “Memorable”?

A brand is not just your logo or your colors or your communication but more importantly, it’s how people feel when they are around you. Do you have a brand that is forgettable, where people who know you tactfully avoid you or have their guard up when they’re speaking with you, or do you have a presence that is magnetic which not only draws people to you but leaves them wanting a continuity of having your presence in their lives long after your interaction?

Helen Keller said, “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart.” There is power in your presence whether you know it or not. While it’s best to always present yourself with confidence, elegance and impact, it’s the power of the unseen feeling – of your authenticity, reliability, congruency and trustworthiness that are long remembered.

So next time you’re out networking online and offline, be mindful of your presence because while it takes only a few seconds to make a great first impression its impact is lasting.

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