The Gold Is There All Along…

I had a great client session this morning… I am so proud of my client who’s moving forward so rapidly and is so gung-ho and passionate about the clarity of the direction her branding and her business is going.

She said to me: “Emma… I am doing this and that and I am becoming more visible in social media but how come I am not converting people?”

I assured her that she’s not alone… that this truly is one of the missing “gold” pieces that is the most overlooked by most entrepreneurs.

Part of what I coach clients on is what I call their “Marketing Funnel”.  Some people call it an “Ascension Model” and some call it a “Sales Mountain” or a “Sales Funnel” this is the 3rd P in my video course “5 Paths To Profits”, called Process.

It’s the area of the funnel that sadly is the most overlooked phase, and that is creating your


Yes, your very own product.  That is the GOLD that has always been there but is normally stepped over.

This is daunting to most people who are starting out because they are so focused in the marketing piece.  They are busy with social media, creating videos, attending live events without really fine tuning this very critical component of their Marketing Funnel…

Most of the time, people identify their “Free Offer” or “Ethical Bribe” or the product or service they will offer in exchange for their prospects’ name and email but they are forgetting that a critical part of the progression is their own PRODUCT.

A product can be your own book, video training, your own system but this is different from your free offer because one thing about this product is that this is the product you actually


That’s right… a product that you SELL…

The missing piece that most marketers fail to put in their puzzle is that they actually need to conceptualize and create a product to sell.

What are you selling? If you don’t have anything to sell, what are you offering?  If you’re offering Coaching or Consulting and you’re  not getting clients, perhaps it’s time to put your efforts in creating your own product to give your customers a sampling of what you can do for them.

If you don’t have a Product to sell, why not?

Please keep me posted on your progress… Let me know how this post has helped you by sharing this post with your friends and leaving a comment.

Until We Connect…

I Am Cheering You On To Your Success!

Emma 😉

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6 thoughts on “The Gold Is There All Along…

  1. Emma,

    I love it! Showing people that creating their own product is the perfect way to cement your foundation in the market place. People should be asking themselves before they start getting deep into marketing and creating a social presence…”What is my game plan? What do I have to give? and Who is my Target audience?”

    When we take inventory of ourselves and create a game plan or road map then we are setting up our place of business online. Now this isn’t to be confused with affiliate marketing. Some people would rather just do that…and that’s fine. But those who want to create their own brand and product will have a more lasting impression as a leader and go to person.

    Thanks for always setting the bar right where it needs to be.

    Ken Pickard
    The Network Dad

  2. Hello dearest Ken!
    You sooo get it! In the years that I’ve known you, you have continued to empower and equip entrepreneurs and marketers with the tools necessary to thrive online and to be here a little longer without succumbing to the frustration that goes with it. You are the quintessential “Tribe Leader” and it means so much to me that you understand exactly what I was sharing here… thanks for taking the time to read and leave a comment… I appreciate you!!! Hugs, Emma 😉

  3. Emma,
    So true! Product and Sell are the 2 key components in the marketing funnel, but for some reason, it is overlooked by many new entrepreneurs, or they feel terrified by it. We need more awesome coaches like you to guide the way!
    Love and Hugs,

  4. This isn’t to be confused with affiliate marketing. Some people would rather just do that. | 😛

  5. Hello @ghostfighter0506 – thank you for stopping by, reading my post and commenting… While I advocate affiliate marketing, my campaign in teaching entrepreneurs how to become Relational Marketers is to have a brand that is Visible, Influential and Profitable. Some affiliate marketers apply the concept of creating their own products as well, to establish what’s truly important to connect with savvy audiences these days and that is TRUST. Sometimes, it’s not enough to just be visible online and have a blog… there needs to be a sampling of what it is that the person actually delivers and most of the time it’s their own product… even the free bonuses one initially offers – a special report or a video training before they offer higher priced items of their own, i.e. coaching or consulting.

    If affiliate marketing is what you’ve chosen to do – that’s awesome! Even that requires a lot of trust as you promote those products, right? Product creation is taking it a step further and sharing who you are and how your personal life’s experience can help better someone else’s life. The “gold that’s t here all along” are the priceless lessons we have all learned in life that others can learn from that when converted to a product could potentially and drastically change someone’s life!

    All The Best… Emma

  6. Hello dearest Kelly!
    Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment my dear Friend! You are the perfect example of having your company’s products and your own product. You have masterfully utilized the creation of your own product and service – your book and your coaching – that is so in alignment with your main offering, even though your main offering is a product produced by a big company. Most often online marketers fail to see that people ultimately connect with people, not just the product itself. I remember when I first endorsed Magnetic Sponsoring, it was great! However, as I developed my own battle scars and learned valuable lessons as I forged through the not so simple world of online marketing, I realized I had valuable teachings to share and that’s what I am talking about… Thanks so much for your kind words… much appreciated! Love and Hugs, Emma 😉