Finding Freedom and Peace From Letting Go…

I soooo missed writing on my blog and interacting with you!  I haven’t been consistently online for almost 3 weeks and I feel awful about not being able to reciprocate “the love” but at this time, we as a family have made a decision to:





It’s Garrett’s first day of school.  I can’t believe he’s now in 3rd Grade!  We had the most amazing summer, despite the move and the busy-ness of it all!  He has been the most amazing, most understanding and most tolerant 8-year old these past 3 months.  While us adults go through the motion of coping, Garrett has remained steadfast, strong and at times was the one who comforted Daddy and I when we had moments of fear and doubts.  It’s as if God would actually speak through him!

Many times I would have tears from frustration, defeat, disappointment, overwhelm and when he sees me, he’s quick to offer his shoulder for me to cry on and he’ll always say: “Mom, we are learning a big lesson here and IT”S ALL GOING TO BE OKAY because God promised it will be okay”.  He knows that always puts a smile on my face.

However, there would be times when it’s his turn to feel sad, afraid, unsure and it will be my turn to offer my shoulder and a great big hug to assure him that things are going to be alright.  In fact, not just alright but behind this challenge is a more meaningful and happier life that will bring all of us closer not just to each other but to our God who makes everything possible!

I have completely forgotten how it was to move and how long it actually took to unpack and get settled. Sure I could have chosen to just function and made unpacking secondary from work but I wanted to make this new home a HOME to ease my family’s transition.  What’s interesting is that because our new home is smaller than our previous home, we have been spending more time together, making dinners, playing board games and enjoying the community hot tub and pool at night as a family.

The more time we spend together, the lesser we became attached to “stuff”.  Oh don’t get me started on “stuff”. We moved from a 3,100 sq ft home but because of the storage Gary custom built in our 3 car garage, it felt like we moved contents of a 5,000 sq ft home into a 2,100 sq ft home!  Needless to say, we had to let go of a lot of stuff!  An entire living room set – recliner couch, love seat and easy chair, dining tables, refrigerator, over 20 boxes of clothes, 15 boxes of books, 1,000 CDs, wrought iron bassinet, top of the line strollers among a few.  We sold some, gave away a lot more and disposed of 4 dumpsters full of stuff!

What’s interesting is that we had to learn to let go of our stuff with our “eyes closed”, otherwise, we would have made justification on why we need to keep them and what purpose it may serve in the future.  When we got to the new home, I had a major overwhelm from the amount of stuff we still had!  I just might have a Phase 2 with my purging efforts!

Through this painstaking, tiring and ever so consuming experience of making decisions which things to let go and which things to hold on to, I came to a realization that STUFF just doesn’t mean tangible things.  STUFF can mean so many things that if you allow to accumulate will start feeling heavy… obstructing… challenging.  The more new stuff you accumulate, the more you will forget what could have worked for you in the first place.

As entrepreneurs and online marketers, we are faced with decisions about stuff every second:

1)Which stuff to read and which to delete;

2) Which stuff to purchase or stuff to put on our wish list;

3) Which stuff to learn now and stuff to learn later;

4) Articles to write

5) Videos to make

6) Emails to send

7) Replies to comments, posts and tweets

8) Phone calls to be returned

9) Webinars to be planned, promoted and executed

10) Seminars to attend

11) Relationships to nurture

12) Business to plan

13) Clients to serve

14) Bills to pay

15) Trips to plan

16) Social obligation to fill

17) Service of God and others

18) Managing a home

19) Taking care of oneself

20) And of course, finding time  for this stuff called FAMILY.

So, I dare you to look at your stuff – both the tangible and intangible and really identify where you’re spending most of your time in.  You’ll be amazed that wherever you spend your most time in, becomes the priority in your life and you will find all kinds of reasons why that needs to be the priority in your life.

In my 2 weeks of introspection, I have finally found peace and freedom in letting go of a lot of my stuff…  I was concerned at first that people will “un-love” me if they don’t see me actively participating online.  I was concerned that once I detach myself online, I may never go back or that I might get so used to being a full time Mom and decide to not go back to doing what I love most…

Empowering entrepreneurs and helping them how to create a powerful online presence to:

Increase Influence

Attract Their Clients

Become Branded Experts In Their Niche

In getting rid of so much stuff, so much more blessings came my way by way of friends, supporters, JV offers and more opportunities!  I want to take the time to give a special shout out to 3 people who took the time to write and blog about some of my recent posts, and one special lady who created a personal video for me on my birthday:

Don Fletcher’s “Struggling in this Economy? Time to return to Principles of Wealth and Happiness”

Kelly Baader’s Entrepreneurial Mindset | Inspired by Emma Tiebens |

Richard Goutal’s  “Internet Marketing Leadership Myths | #1 Leaders Have Wealth”

Susan Ordona’s “Happy Birthday Emma!”

To all of you who took the time to send me your birthday well wishing, I just want you to know that seeing your names and your greetings inspire me to this day.  I look at each of your profile photos and your well-wishing and I send you gratitude and love constantly.

For you my friends who left voice mail messages, text messages, emails, Facebook posts and tweets and continue to understand and support the clarifying stage I am in at the moment, I just want to say my heartfelt THANK YOU…

I will be coming up for air sooner than later.  Right around the corner is Joel Bauer’s 7-Day Profit Point Speaker Mastery and I will be one of the 50 who have been so blessed to be accepted by Joel this year.

I have learned to let go of so much and in doing so, I have made room for so much more.  I implore you to:




I look forward to hearing of your progress…

As always, I am just here…

Cheering You On To Your Success!

Emma 😉

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7 thoughts on “Finding Freedom and Peace From Letting Go…

  1. Hiii Emma!! I have been away for the last couple of weeks also, Soooo First I’d Like to wish you a belated Happy Birthday Year!! Yes, I am All for Living your live Everyday as if it were Your Birth Day! 😉

    Thank You. Thank You. Thank You for this post!! It is a Reality check for me and many others I am sure. The fact that you always speak from the heart is conveyed through your words, insight and wisdom. We all do need to de-clutter, re-analyze and re-group with our Families and within ourselves. Most of us need to do it whether we move or not. I agree and also believe that this is an important phase everyone needs to go through every couple of years… Ok-Harsh… LoL! At least once every Decade. For sure, I need to. Again Thank You for the reminder.

    Very Many People Love You Emma, so your fears were unfounded. Perhaps the rest of us didn’t have all the resources available to contact you or couldn’t for whatever reason… But you live in our Hearts as well. You have ‘touched’ many persons at one time or another and You are not easily forgotten my friend!! Bringing it even closer, Your Son is a true testament of who you are & it doesn’t get any better than that!! xo

    I will share your post & RT it as well so that others might be touched by your words, kindness and insight yet again. Learning from you is Always a Pleasure and an experience in Love!! xoxo
    God bless You & Yours Forever,

  2. My Dear Emma,

    This post brought back all the memories…both painful and freeing, that we experienced 4 years ago as we began stripping the stuff from our lives. Like you, we had been in a house where we raised our 3 kids for 17 years. Wow, what you can accumulate in 17 years…even with those annual yard sales and donations:-) 2 moves in a year’s time brought us to Aussie with our clothes, our bed, and our computers…amazing what becomes really important.

    And even though we still have our home in Oregon, every time I return, I do some more purging. So, Emma, you aren’t done yet. The whole mindset of “less is more” will continue to open your eyes to what really counts…and the closeness of family, the warmth of friends, the exercise of blind faith, in knowing our God provides everything you need, will give you a sense of mobility and freedom that you will treasure.

    The space you’ve opened up will be filled with bigger and better rewards, the kind that count for eternity! Your heart felt love for others, your relationship skills, your vision and determination to follow your passions and heart, will shine even brighter.

    Watching you from afar as you’ve walked the journey of transition has been a reminder for me to stay de-cluttered, focused, and faith-driven. Thanks, Emma, for a heartfelt post sharing both your vulnerability and doubts, and your incredible vision. You have a lot of friends who love you and I”m one of them.

    Enjoy your new home and zi hope you’ll share some pics soon.

    God’s blessing!
    .-= Leta´s last blog ..Do You Have a Sales Funnel System =-.

  3. Hi Emma,

    May the gifts of healing and abundance shower your family as you renew your CELEBRATION OF LIFE…a life of more worthiness.

    And, as you step onto the path of a new Beginning, may you continue to spread more Light amongst people who find their strength and wisdom from the experiences that you share. Indeed, one can only give what she has.

    After all, it is always good to look back and say, “life for me, then, was well worth it”, for without the bitter sweet refrain, you wouldn’t be able to sing the joyful songs of today.

    Here’s wishing my co-September born more blessings in the years to come. I’d always love to say on my birthday a few days ago, that ” I turned 18, with 33 years of experience ” ( sum it up, and you’ll know how long have I been thriving on planet earth….lol! ).

    Hello Emma….Hello Virgo…Hello Life!!!

    Cheers to your continued Success,


  4. Hi Miss Emm,
    You know you inspire me so much with the ways you’re coping with what’s in your life right now.
    As I am reading your blog about letting go of stuff, I could relate to that. I’ve been living “in a suitcase” these last 2 years and the only material things I miss are our family and friends’ photos, some family mementos, school annuals, my chinaware sets, silverware set and some kitchen gadgets as I love to cook. I would have missed my books and reading materials but they here with me.
    It’s amazing that you just get used to not having those extra stuff that you don’t really need in the first place.
    Sometimes things happen for a reason. You are on to much better and brighter
    things that you so deserve.
    I wish you and your family the very best.


  5. Dear Emma:

    All I can say is: You have no idea how close to home this hits.

    I’ve reached a time in my life when it IS time to:
    re-connect in a spiritual manner
    and figure out what I really want to do! Mostly I want “to be me!”

    Thanks for this lovely post dear friend!

    P.S. AND… Lot’s of getting rid of the STUFF we carry around – tangible and intangible!

    Luv & HUGE Hugs!

    .-= Roz Fruchtman´s last blog ..Roz Engages In A Time of Reflection and Self Truth =-.

  6. Hi Emma,

    I’m writing here again as I was touched and moved by your message.. specially what your son Garrette.. ““Mom, we are learning a big lesson here and IT”S ALL GOING TO BE OKAY because God promised it will be okay”… Amen!

    I felt “at home ” reading your blogs.. THANK YOU very much for this great insights..

    “…wherever you spend your most time in, becomes the priority in your life and you will find all kinds of reasons why that needs to be the priority in your life.”… ouch! I’m so in this at this time of my life. Thank you for giving me the importance of Re-analyze/priorities/focus about my life today.. I thank God for your gift of inspiration in life..

    ~ KB

  7. Hello Khristy! I am sooo glad that phrase hit home for you, enough to get you moving towards the right direction… that’s why I blog… I believe that I live through the darkness so I can share the stories I learned in the darkness, into the light! God has special plans for each and everyone of us and all we have to do is seek wisdom and we will for sure find it!