The Fly Boys Movie – A Promise Kept…

It has been 2 weeks since I promised The Fly Boys Movie Director Rocco Devilliers that I was going to help get the word out about his amazing movie! Needless to say, with our 7-year old son Garrett getting sick and my Mother-In-Law visiting us from Louisville, KY – I was a bit sidetracked. So now, here it is, it is with utmost HONOR and PRIVILEGE that I present to you…. The Fly Boys Movie!

I have seen many movies in my lifetime and at one point in my life even worked as a Production Assistant for one of the biggest film company in the Philippines but this movie has struck a deep, deep cord in my heart! I am by no means an expert movie reviewer but I have to say that THIS IS A MOVIE THAT YOU, YOUR FAMILIES AND FRIENDS HAVE TO WATCH! After you watch it, you’ll feel that same sense of obligation to tell others about it! This movie absolutely speaks to the SOUL! As Leonardo Da Vinci once said: “When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return”…

Wach this trailer, read the highly inspirational story of Director Rocco Devilliers and how he relates the story of the birth of The Fly Boys…..


“Who would have thought that a speeding ticket somewhere in Missouri late one rainy night could lead to a friendship and collaboration like the one I’ve had with Lisle Moore. I was in my early twenties when I packed everything I owned into my car and drove across this great nation of ours to edit my first little film in North Carolina. My dear friend and mentor, Louis H. Asbury was donating his editorial facilities so that I could complete my project. The second night on the road, I was pulled over for speeding. I had no idea what town I was in and was surprised to hear from the officer that I was traveling 103 MPH. I was even more surprised when he arrested me for having a revoked license.

Without cash to make the $450 bail and with no ATMs in sight, I was forced to choose a bail bondsman from a long list that was provided by the arresting officer. I picked one name and called the number – Lisle Moore, Sr. came down to the station. After questioning me about who I was and where I was from, he suddenly became very interested after I told him that I was involved in film. AFter a 30-minute conversation about making movies, Lisle SR. told me his son, Lisle was a very talented musician and had always wanted to score a film. Lisle Sr. bailed me out of jail that night and invited me home. He fed me, offered me a place to stay and introduced me to his son, Lisle Moore…the rest is history.

The Moores have become like my second family. Lisle Sr. raised the funds to produce THE FLYBOYS and became an Executive Producer of the film. His son, Lisle Moore composed the beautiful score in the soundtrack for THE FLYBOYS. The irony of the story is when I returned to the small town of Fulton, Missouri to appear before the judge for my speeding ticket and “revoked” license, it was determined that my license wasn’t revoked at all – it was simply computer error that led to my arrest.

I believe that God was watching over me that night…..”


3 thoughts on “The Fly Boys Movie – A Promise Kept…

  1. WOW! Gotta see that .movie. Checked to whole gallery. This movie was meant to be. Too much excitement for the little ones, but the rest of the family will love it.

  2. While it wasn’t a “spectacular” movie, it was good entertainment. The flying scenes and special effects are great. Totally enjoyable.

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