The Challenge Begins… Where The Rubber Meets The Road!

Now that I have been so blessed to be Mentored by one of the BEST Marketers in the world – Joel Bauer –  and are finally being coached by him, I am now beginning to really feel a kind of mixed emotions – that is quite similar to that of birthing pains.  I am sure most man won’t be able to relate to that – or maybe there is a better term to describe that feeling for them.  However right now, I am experiencing a combination of excitement, ambivalence, fear, overwhelm, inadequacy, hope and many other feelings all rolled into one!  As I type this blog post, I have butterflies in my stomach and am not sure whether it’s because it’s a bit chilly in my office, or perhaps I drank one too many cups of coffee today.  I am just trying to be funny…

Truthfully, I know that this unexplainable ambivalence is due to the fact that I am staying accountable and this is now the real world…  PRODUCT CREATION which means stepping out in faith and really digging into your soul on what is that part of your heart and your wisdom you can impart to the world that will make someone’s life better.   The thought of knowing that I have accumulated much knowledge and it’s now time to share that – and get paid for it – is something that I needed to really fully understand. 

Many of you who know me by now, realize that I LOVE helping… I will give all my knowledge for free if given the chance… I will mentor and coach for free, simply because that’s what I love to do!  However, having mentored by the best of the best in the world, I know that by doing so, I am doing a disservice to the world because I stop the flow of abundance!  Not to mention that I would be acting irresponsibly since I do have a family who sacrifices time away from me everytime I give my time away for free.  Not only that… I have financial responsibilities to my family and to the causes I have chosen to help and by not choosing to monetize my knowledge, they too get robbed of the benefits.

So, today I have taken the first step to creating my product… it’s going to be something that will definitely “Encourage, Enlighten and Empower Entrepreneurs”!  I know I will go through many trial and errors as I “birth” this product and at this very moment, I am making a conscious choice focus the next 3 months to create, market and finally launch it!  Stay tuned… the fun has just begun!!!

Stay tuned

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