Thank You, That MLM Beat For The Top 50 MLM Blogs!

Have you ever felt as if as though the “planets are all lined up” perfectly and every day you get one amazing news after another? Well, this past week has been like one of those weeks for me. Miracles upon miracles started happening and while I am rather specific of what I pray about, I also get a lot of unexpected but highly welcome and positive twist and turns!

On Monday, October 12, 2009, I received a surprise email from a gentleman named George Fourie asking me if I could look over the mini-bio they have created for me as my blurb for my He told me that my Blog – The Relational Marketer – made it to the list of one amonth the top 50 MLM Blogs they will be featuring on their own Blog – That MLM Beat.

The next day, George emailed me again and he said that the Blog Post on the Top 50 MLM Blog is now posted so I immediately went to That MLM Blog and I was flabbergasted with what I saw! I was in complete shock when I saw who else made it on that list! Most of them are my Mentors, Coaches and people I totally looked up to – Mike Dillard, Mike Klingler, Raymond Fong, Fernando Ceballos, Brian Fanale, Diane Hochman, Jay Kubassek, Jaz Lai, Jerry Chen, Jim Yaghi, Jonathan Budd, Malika Duke, Melani Milletics, Rod Nichols, Todd Falcone and Randy Gage! These are incredible men and women who have truly paved the way for network marketers and home business owners to succeed in this industry using non-traditional means – these are leaders who were significantly ahead of their time! I am still amazed at how my Blog made it on that list but I am so not complaining! I am beyond honored!!!

In case you’re wondering what the standards were in their Top 50 MLM Blog selection process, here is an excerpt from that Blog post by George Fourie – Founder of

Network Marketing Blogs have definitely raised the bar in 2009.

It’s about time that we give praise and credit to the Network Marketers out there who spend long, passionate hours, day in and day out to deliver quality content and generously share their leadership and expertise week after week on their MLM blogs.

After reading hundreds of blogs, putting Google Reader to the test by monitoring 294 RSS Feeds and searching through all corners of Social Media sites and search engines, we proudly present to you the Top 50 MLM blogs.

The criteria we used to base the Top 50, the ‘cool kids’ of MLM blogging, are:

Quality, original content that focuses on teaching and adding value to the industry
Updated frequently with the latest post no more than one month old
Alexa ranking and page rank
Industry experience and leadership
Content not focused on a particular network marketing company or opportunity”


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3 thoughts on “Thank You, That MLM Beat For The Top 50 MLM Blogs!

  1. Congratulations making “the list” Emma.
    This is my first time on your blog…. Good Stuff!
    Noted, Bookmarked, On my daily read list.
    Looking forward to learning from you.


  2. Hello Richard!
    Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment on my Blog… sorry for the delayed reply… I had a most amazing weekend with Joel Bauer – a true Master Marketer! I am now just getting back to as close to normal 😉 Thanks for bookmarking my Blog! I appreciate it very much! Were you also on the Top 50 Blogs? Haven’t had a chance to check but I will check your links for sure! Take care Richard! All the Best! Emma 😉