Thank You, Thom Ceglar – Our Trusted CPA!

Tax season just ended – well, for most people it has ended 6 months ago in April but 2008 has been one of those years where we were most challenged financially.

We made a conscious decision to cash out some of our 401 K to pay off some consumer debts. Most financial planners would have disagreed with our decision but after declaring a “War On Debt” and choosing to no longer be slaves to debt, we made the move. Yes, there were massive penalties we knew we would have to pay!

We did what we could to prolong the “agony” so we kept on filing for an extension until we couldn’t any longer. So, on October 15, 2009 after diligently preparing our documents, I finalized the results with our trusted Tax Advisor, Thom Ceglar, CPA.

He gave me the sum of what we needed to pay and while it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be, it was still a not so good news. However, I do believe in paying my dues so I asked Thom what type of installment terms are available to us. We finalized the numbers and I started driving to his office so I can sign the paperwork for submission.

I have barely left our house when I received a most wonderful phone call from Thom! He told me that something “miraculous” happened and that after he entered the figures on the computer, he found out that we had some losses that we are able to carry forward from years past only because of one thing we did on the same year – selling one of our investment properties! This was information neither of us realized until actual numbers were entered in his software!

I received the best news ever – not only did we not have to play any installment payments, we even got a refund!

Who says miracles don’t happen anymore? I have always said that “God’s timing is ALWAYS perfect!” and in this case, it’s as perfect as perfect can be!

Thank you Thom Ceglar and Nathan for your diligence and genuine care for your clients! We are truly grateful!!!

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