Take Time To Celebrate Moments Now… Not If… Not When…

My family spent the weekend at the Westin LAX. The celebration was two fold – to celebrate Gary and Garrett’s birthdays and to plan a truly economical weekend getaway. Having been away for 9 days to attend the Internet Marketers Caribbean Cruise, I have missed my family so much! So, this weekend, I did my research and realized that we can actually create a weekend getaway for under $400! Granted, we used our Starwood points for the hotel but we choose a hotel that has all the amenities of a 5 star hotel but only required points for a 3 star hotel! This weekend could have easily cost at least $1,000 but we took the time to find out what resources we already have and put that to great use:

1) Used Starwood Reward Points for 3 days at the hotel.
2) Took advantage of SPG guests getting free Continental Breakfast
3) Took Garrett to night swimming and hot tubbing
4) Used our existing annual passes for Universal Studios
5) Had a great birthday dinner at Pancho’s in Manhattan Beach ( where Gary and I had our first date 15 years ago!)
6) Enjoyed afternoon tea with Garrett as we watched planes land at LAX from our room window.
7) Pizza delivery dinner from Valentino’s Pizza
8) Strolled around King Harbor in Redondo Beach and had an amazing seafood lunch
9) Took Garrett to the exclusive VIP Executive Lounge on the 12th floor
10) Hung out with Garrett at the lobby/lounge area and talked about our dreams.

Garrett is only 8 years old but honestly, I believe he has the mind and maturity of a 20 year old! He was sooo happy about this weekend and he couldn’t stop thanking us for it! That to me is simply PRICELESS!

As you go about your day, please remember “Who are you doing this all for?” We get so caught up with making a living that we forget about what happens in the process, which is LIFE! Life goes on whether you choose to enjoy it or not…

If I may make a suggestion… take time NOW to celebrate LIFE… don’t wait for when things are perfect… Sometimes, it’s so amazing to simply be IN THE MOMENT!

My Mentor Joel Bauer always reminds me to “Celebrate every moment…. ” He’s a living example of one who celebrates life’s simple joys…

So, I ask you… what have you been wanting to do to celebrate YOU and/or your family for sometime now? How can you commit to making sure that you decide on doing that NOW and not WHEN… nor IF… ?

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One thought on “Take Time To Celebrate Moments Now… Not If… Not When…

  1. Yes, this is a good reminder: “take time NOW to celebrate LIFE.”

    In fact, I used to have an opening in class that I entitled “Celebration by the minute” which was a reminder to take time to enjoy life when you can!

    All the best to you,