“You Are The Brand”, Is NOT About YOU!

It is so refreshing to somewhat be back from my brief hiatus. Well, I guess what seems brief to others seems like eternity to me!  Honestly, I felt rather detached when I couldn’t get online and couldn’t connect with and support my subscribers and friends.  It’s rather frustrating to see what’s going on, via my […]

Finding Freedom and Peace From Letting Go…

I soooo missed writing on my blog and interacting with you!  I haven’t been consistently online for almost 3 weeks and I feel awful about not being able to reciprocate “the love” but at this time, we as a family have made a decision to: BUCKLE DOWN… RE-GROUP… RE-ANALYZE… LEARN TO LET GO It’s Garrett’s […]

The Price of Freedom… What Have You Paid?

Happy Birthday, America!  Happy July 4th!  Every year, my family observes July 4th with a weekend “getting-to-know-more-of-America on the History Channel.  Yesterday’s feature was Benjamin Franklin.  I was so surprised that there was so much I didn’t know about him and the more I knew about him, I realized that he is the epitome of […]


  Here in beautiful Westin Mission Hills Villas in Rancho Mirage, CA for our family’s annual desert vacation.  My family understands that while we’re here, I need to divide my time between focused and inspired creativity as well as quality family time just relaxing poolside, couch time, watching movies in bed, dining out and some shopping.  […]