Two Huge Events… One Weekend!

Last year, I attended over 20 live events.  Mind you, most of those events were rather strategic.  After all, if I were to invest time, effort and money, I need to be more definitive about why I am attending a particular event, right?  When I attend events, I ask myself these questions: 1) Would I […]

Are You A Survivalist or a “Prepper”?

In the past 5 months, my good friend Jorge Bueno has been talking about and introducing his students, including myself – to Codex Defensive Training, Survival Training, Meta-Leadership, wild food preparation, etc.  I find the timing of my “exposure” to this preparedness mentality quite ironic yet I welcome this with wide-open arms! Honestly, prior to […]

Why Spirit Driven Marketing?

Why did I decide to incorporate Spirit Driven Marketing as one of my many client offerings? My answer is quite simple…  Because I believe that there are so many business owners out there who are lost, spinning their wheels, experimenting with technology, yet remain to be broke, disheartened and discouraged.  They feel that they’re only […]

Will You Still Use Facebook If You’re No Longer In Business?

I was driving home from Garrett’s school this morning and thought about how much fun my little interaction with powerful women industry leaders, Ann Sieg, Rachel Jackson, Deborah Tutnauer and Jackie Ulmer was last night.  We were talking about our “work out music” and all of a sudden there’s this burst of nostalgia from the […]