Will You Still Use Facebook If You’re No Longer In Business?

I was driving home from Garrett’s school this morning and thought about how much fun my little interaction with powerful women industry leaders, Ann Sieg, Rachel Jackson, Deborah Tutnauer and Jackie Ulmer was last night.  We were talking about our “work out music” and all of a sudden there’s this burst of nostalgia from the […]

“You Are The Brand”, Is NOT About YOU!

It is so refreshing to somewhat be back from my brief hiatus. Well, I guess what seems brief to others seems like eternity to me!  Honestly, I felt rather detached when I couldn’t get online and couldn’t connect with and support my subscribers and friends.  It’s rather frustrating to see what’s going on, via my […]

Finding Freedom and Peace From Letting Go…

I soooo missed writing on my blog and interacting with you!  I haven’t been consistently online for almost 3 weeks and I feel awful about not being able to reciprocate “the love” but at this time, we as a family have made a decision to: BUCKLE DOWN… RE-GROUP… RE-ANALYZE… LEARN TO LET GO It’s Garrett’s […]

“I Love You Too Much, To Let You Stay That Way”

It has been 5 days since I’ve had any social media activity or blog post and I truly am having withdrawals!  Now more than ever, I realized how I truly appreciate my TRUE FRIENDS out there, who continue to support me with comments on my blog and on my Wall… Please know that while I […]

Take Time To Celebrate Moments Now… Not If… Not When…

My family spent the weekend at the Westin LAX. The celebration was two fold – to celebrate Gary and Garrett’s birthdays and to plan a truly economical weekend getaway. Having been away for 9 days to attend the Internet Marketers Caribbean Cruise, I have missed my family so much! So, this weekend, I did my […]

Thoughts On Putting Your Customers First…

Wow, I have missed you! I just came back from Mike Filsaime’s Internet Marketers Caribbean Cruise and I have not created any post here for over 2 weeks! It’s so unlike me!!! I just wanted to share with you this video about my experience this morning when I received a personal phone call from Dave […]