Tanching Enriquez’ Legacy… What Will Yours Be?

When I was about 8 years old, I remember we used to visit my “Lolo” Edong and “Lola” Tanching’s home.  (Lolo and Lola are Tagalog terms for Grandpa and Grandma and Tagalog is the predominant dialect in the Philippines). Tanching was the nickname for her real name, Constancia. Technically, per American lineage, they were more […]

Finding Freedom and Peace From Letting Go…

I soooo missed writing on my blog and interacting with you!  I haven’t been consistently online for almost 3 weeks and I feel awful about not being able to reciprocate “the love” but at this time, we as a family have made a decision to: BUCKLE DOWN… RE-GROUP… RE-ANALYZE… LEARN TO LET GO It’s Garrett’s […]

“I Love You Too Much, To Let You Stay That Way”

It has been 5 days since I’ve had any social media activity or blog post and I truly am having withdrawals!  Now more than ever, I realized how I truly appreciate my TRUE FRIENDS out there, who continue to support me with comments on my blog and on my Wall… Please know that while I […]