Spirituality and Skills for a Sustainable Success

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I’m taking a break from packing, getting ready to leave on a 5 day cruise with my son and Mom.  Garrett has been on several cruises but this one is rather special as it’s a Mom and son “date”.  I was telling him how excited I am to watch the shows, fine dining everyday,  check out the Art Gallery, explore the excursions and best of all, eat pizza and frozen yogurt at midnight! I even told him that if the water is warm, I will go down on the pool slide!  (Mind you, I am not crazy about pools but I LOVE hot tubs and aromatherapy spas!)

We are leaving in a few hours but I had this thought that I want to share with you before I get “disconnected” from the online world for a few days… This past week, I was inspired by the best selling author of Trust Agents and founder of Human Business Works and Kitchen Table Companies, a gentleman that continues to inspire so many, Chris Brogan.

I have slightly tweaked my blog as a result of implementing Chris’ challenge on how to improve our blogs via his very personal and intimate service called Blog Topics.

Have you ever wondered how Spirituality and Skills are a great marriage for sustainable success?

It has been 2 years since I founded The Relational Marketer and at that time, all I knew was that there is something about being able to Encourage, Empower and Engage people that I am really passionate about.  Not to mention, I love being a Connector and seeing people forge new and powerful relationships.

When you do something you love – without a desire for manipulation or opportunistic motives, something magical always happens.  It’s as if you unknowingly plant seeds on fertile ground.

As a result of just genuinely caring and connecting people with each other, I realized that I was raising my “Influence Currency”… It wasn’t only until months ago that I realized the incredible people I am now so blessed to be associated with.  Yes, I am a living and breathing example of someone who has benefited greatly from “credibility by association”.

This morning, as I packed my suitcase, I thought about this…

Is increasing your circle of influence enough “currency” to get you by?  Is simply having credibility by association sustainable?

I wish I could tell you otherwise but the answer is a resounding NO…

Through personal experience, for sustainable success one needs:

1) Personal Development – for Mindset, Leadership, Motivation

2) Spirituality – for Inspiration, Faith, Hope, Love

3) Skills – Specialized Knowledge To Market and Monetize

I love to read…  Recently, I came across a website for Kingdom Economic Summit, as recommended by my good friend and  TV host, Teri Secrest.  I came across a slideshow which highlighted the 13 Types of Capital... (or currency because capital is currency… you can leverage them in so many ways!)

Economic Capital (money, finance, currency)
Social Capital (food, relief, policy, programs, initiatives, scientific)
Spiritual Capital (Word of God, faith, alms, missions, fruits of Spirit, gifts of Spirit, discipleship, discernment)
Knowledge Capital (what you or a team know, intellectual, mental)
Political Capital (party service and patronage)
Environmental Capital (carbon credits, global “green” movement)
Creative Capital (creativity/artistic expression/IP)
Positional Capital (roles, titles, authority)
Institutional Capital (reputation, influence, status, alliances, partners)
Physical Capital (energy/capacity/metabolism of muscles and heart-lungs
and genetic heredity; i.e., fitness and predisposition)
Generational Capital (legacy, heritage, family lineage, wealth)
Intimacy Capital (prayer, listening, worship, affection, dating, holding hands,
kissing, spending time together, marital intercourse)
Relational Capital (span & depth of relationships, vertical/horizontal)

Notice the very last capital? It’s Relational Capital! You know what’s interesting? Relational, Knowledge, Institutional, Physical, and Spiritual Capital are the top 5 that governs and makes the other 8 possible.

My question to you is which capital are you heavily invested in? Where are you lacking? If you’re lacking in Relational, Knowledge and Spiritual, Institutional, I know I have an arsenal of knowledge and resources I can share with you to help you increase yours!

It starts with my Relational Marketing Secrets

Let me know your thoughts… I look forward to connecting with you…

Until then…

I’m Cheering You On To Your Success!

Emma 😉

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2 thoughts on “Spirituality and Skills for a Sustainable Success

  1. Hi Emma,

    You are a wise woman with lots to offer. I enjoy reading your posts. I’m going to make an effort to stay more connected with you. Enjoy the cruise with your son.

    From the heart,