Sometimes, We Just Need To Step Back…

I have missed writing on my Blog for almost 2 months! This summer has truly been rather challenging. I am not complaining… I love being a Mom in the summer! Garrett and I get to do all kinds of fun things and truly my family comes first before business. It may not seem that way at times but if you ask my husband Gary and son Garrett, they will give you a resounding “yes”!

This summer, I had to step back and re-analyze the direction I am heading. I spent the last year learning, implementing, connecting and partnering and now it’s time to actually create an actual product that will help many people.

Yes, I do have an eBook in the process which I started writing back in April and it’s almost finished. However, after assessing the needs of the people who are looking up to me for guidance, one thing is certain… most people need help with creating an online presence and some of them don’t really know where to begin. Having an online presence is the easy part but a lot of work and thinking would have to be invested into what it is that you would like to put online that will be associated with you. In essence, whatever you put online becomes your brand… What will that brand be? What message will you be sharing with the world?

Amazingly, when I decided to step back from focusing on pursuing the next level for my business, I was able to spend a ton of time with my family and I was still able to do the following:

1) Cleaned up my messes – lots of them!
2) Created a very clear Vision Board w/ my good friend Amy Schuber
3) Found a Quantum Leap Coach, Tracy Repchuk c/o  and committed to attending Mike Filsaime’s Annual Internet Marketers’ Caribbean Cruise in January 2010 c/o
4) Created my video coaching curriculum c/o Russell Brunson’s MicroContinuity Program.
5) Masterminded with a few associates for future Joint Venture Projects
6) Organized our financial documents – yes, even our taxes!
7) Edited videos for clients
8) Lost 7 lbs. in 2 weeks – thanks to Beachbody’s Turbo Jam!
9) Started a healthier lifestyle choice with My Vega.
10) And many more positive life-altering activities!

So, ask yourself, what do you need to step back from? Why do you need to do that and what do you need to accomplish while you’re making a conscious decision to step back from it?

Sometimes, to step back actually allows you to get closer to that very thing you’ve been pushing forward. That’s when “effortless” success really happens. So, if you need to step back and re-analyze things… that’s perfectly fine… just make sure that you don’t leave for too long… just like muscles, your desire to move forward towards a vision needs to be exercised…

Have a wonderful time… enjoy your break and drop me a line or two to let me know how this idea has helped you!

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One thought on “Sometimes, We Just Need To Step Back…

  1. Hi Emma!

    I love your Web site! Remember me?! We talked a few months back. I interviewed you over the phone about your wonderful business after finding one of your YouTube videos.
    You are such an inspiration to me! I am going through TF2 right now, and my dreams and plans are becoming clearer and clearer day by day. I’m thankful that I have you to look to.
    I would love to do a coaching session with you in the not-too-distant future.

    With love and blessings,