Should I Stay Or Should I Go? A Lesson On Facebook Groups.

Lately, I have been inundated by instances where I was added to a Facebook group without any invitation and without my permission.  While I truly appreciate the thought, I have experienced groups that were just downright spammy and as emails from comments start pouring, the more I get aggravated by the emails that start coming in my Inbox!

If you’ve been online for the past 3 months, you have experienced and know exactly what I’m talking about… This video is for you…

No more enduring the annoyance!

The question now is:  Should you stay or should you go?

Well, if you like the group and the people in the group, you don’t have to leave the group… you can simply turn off the email notifications or customize the notifications instead of relying on the default which is to notify you every time someone leaves a comment or a post.

But…  if  you already have way too many communities you’re involved in and you have a tendency to be easily distracted, then it might be best to leave the group all together.

Personally, I have already left quite a few groups but I chose to still become a member of many other groups because I have relationships with the Organizers of the group but the only way I am able to handle my participation in those groups is to customize the notification.

I trust this video will help you! Let me know how it has worked for you…

Please leave a comment below or better yet, if you can make a video of how this has helped you, send me the raw file of that video and I will post that video on my own YouTube channel and share in social media… it’s a win-win! You get exposure and I get to help more people through your video.

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That’s all for now…

Until we connect…

I am cheering you on to your success!!!

Emma 😉

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4 thoughts on “Should I Stay Or Should I Go? A Lesson On Facebook Groups.

  1. Hello Emma,

    This is a very timely and useful information you shared. I encourage everyone to optimize FB resources …..

    Please continue to follow Emma Tiebens in her new webinar series 5 Path’s to Profit and learn so much more…which she FONDLY calls…” building relationships from the HEART ! “

  2. Emma,
    This has become quite the hot topic lately, hasn’t it. Seems everyone and their brother is adding you to this group or that group. 🙂 Can very easily lead to overwhelm. Your ideas of dropping out of those you really don’t interact in or resetting your notifications works great. You can also decide which groups show on the side of your news feed, which is another great factor. FB never slows down & seems to be growing all the time!
    Val 🙂

  3. Hello Susan! Sorry for the delayed reply… I am not familiar with the old group format but I love the new group format… I wouldn’t do either/or… I suggest you do both Group and Like Page. Here’s why. On the Like Page, your “fans” don’t really see your posts… it shows up on their feed provided they have the right settings but even if you send them a message, it’s not directed to their Inbox.

    With the new Group page, anyone who posts get notified to the group unless they purposely changed their settings. Also, you’re able to send a Message to all members of the group and it goes to their Inbox.

    Like Pages are great for FB visibility but if you really want to build a tribe, I recommend the new group format. Hope this helps! Thanks for chiming in… Emma 😉