Sharon Cuneta – The Rightful Megastar

I have been so blessed to have experienced working with Philippines Megastar Sharon Cuneta back in the late 1980’s and I can attest to the fact that behind this very powerful and accomplished woman is a loving, trusting and yes, vulnerable human being. Her vulnerability comes from her genuine authenticity and love of her family, friends and fans. I love her and have the most respect for her – always have, and always will.

Yes she’s a Megastar for breaking records across the board – as a multi-award winning Recording Artist, Actor, Show Host and Product Endorser.  She has helped change the face of Philippine movies, recording industry, television and the advertising industry.  She is a living legend, an icon, a role model, a beacon of hope for millions of Filipinos all over the world, and what makes her truly special is her genuine connection and love for her craft and her fans.  She has a strong magnetic brand that has connected her to her fans for over 4 decades and going stronger!

I’ve heard her sing this song many times when I was the Production / Promotions Assistant of her Sharon Show but I have never heard her sang it the way she did here. I cried with her as I felt her heart, and so did the thousands of people at The Grove in Anaheim, CA for her 2015 Sharon Cuneta US Tour. I trust you will watch and enjoy this video and perhaps even cry with her and send her love and positive intentions while you do… There truly is only one Megastar in my book and that’s Sharon Cuneta…

Please scroll down to view  photos from her concert  at The Grove.  I have waited for this day to reconnect with her and I only had 2 minutes to give her a hug and let her know how much I love her.  I do believe that one day our paths will cross again and until then, I send her much love, blessings and great big virtual hugs! Please help me do the same…

Here’s To Success With Significance,


es Pia’s team reached out to famed Filipino International Fashion Designer, Oliver Tolentino, who immediately came to her rescue by sending her a stunning red crystal studded gown – even though he received the news when he was skiing in Aspen, CO! He immediately mobilized his team. This right here is a very touching story of the “Bayanihan” spirit or communal unity, support and cooperation. This truly is a proud moment for us Filipinos from all around the world!

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