Magnetic and Memorable Show with Robert San Luis

We work so hard for our money but do we have a strategy on
how we will retire?

Our guest today is will share with us some strategies on how to do that.

So thrilled to have with us – Author, Speaker,
Trusted Advisor,  Personal Financial Consultant and Amazon Bestselling Author of

“Wealth Without Wall Street”,  Robert San Luis.

What does Robert do?

“I help transform the way people
invest so that they can retire sooner and achieve true
financial independence.” says Robert

Robert San Luis Wealth Book
In this interview, you will discover:

– Robert’s unique way of helping clients
with their personal finance.

– The number one mistake people do in personal investing.

– The startling statistic on the tiny percentage of people
who will retire comfortably

– Where you should invest first if you have limited resources

– How to start growing your personal portfolio

– How to grow and keep your “Wealth Without Wall Street”.

Get to know Robert San Luis, and click here to get your copy of his book,

“Wealth Without Wall Street- 7 Keys to An Early Retirement”

Discover how you can be more proactive about your personal finance if you aren’t already.
Hear about his movement that he’s committed and determined
to establish, to help more people take a more empowered
and educated stand with their personal financial freedom.

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2 thoughts on “Magnetic and Memorable Show with Robert San Luis

  1. Hi Emma, this is a wonderful interview…. I really appreciate this. This man is a ‘wealth’ of knowledge. Kind wishes as always across the miles and thank you for your work!


  2. Oh Jason… You continue to inspire me with your kindness and support… Yes, Robert is amazing! People like him in my Circle of Influence are priceless and I treasure them..You my friend are now part of that too! Yes, investing in ourselves is soooo important and that’s why more people need to get to know you! You help people become aware of HOW to invest in themselves through meditation and loving themselves…