Rest In Peace, Prince… Happy Earth Day

Thoughts of Purple Rain… Earth Day… a bittersweet combination to remind us daily to LIVE, LOVE and LEAVE a memorable mark to let people know, that you too, were once here… Rest In Peace our dearest Prince – thank you for unabashedly sharing your gifts which gave the world so much joy, wisdom and awakening.

To our beloved Mother Earth, how glorious are you! Thank you for loving us back and giving us everything we need, want and so much more! A friendly reminder to make every day, Earth Day.

One thing I do every morning is to thank trees, plants or bushes along the way for being a constant reminder of unconditional love. They stand there day in day out, withstanding the elements, yet they embrace their growth, their expansion, their maturity while giving us oxygen to breathe.

Joyce Kilmer was right, “Poems are made by fools like me, but only God can make a tree…” Love on a tree, nurture or plant one! Happy Earth Day! – Emma Tiebens #RIPPrince #Prince #EarthDay #EarthDay2016

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