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This morning, I awoke, lit up the candles on the “Inspiration Section” on my desk and posted this photo and caption  on my Facebook profile:

“My glorious day began at 4:45am… Loving the silence which breeds inspired creation and immense gratitude… The resonant message: “What you focus on becomes your reality… Have APPRECIATION for all that is, and EXCITEMENT about the unfolding knowing that you are fully supported and always LOVED…”

Within seconds of my posting, a very meaningful and powerful comment thread ensued and it’s absolutely worth sharing.  Many people have sent me private messages of thanks for showing them a more effective way to journal and this post might very well open doors of possibilities for me to help people how to “Journal for Success”… I am already liking how that sounds…

I received a question from Kerric Tyler which I started addressing and more engagement followed so here they are on one page:

Kerric TheConnector Tyler May I ask what journal writing does for you? I have heard you and Joel talk about it but Im finding it hard to move to. thanks.

Emma Tiebens Hello Kerric TheConnector Tyler – glad you asked I have been journaling for the past 30 years and you can imagine the volumes upon volumes of journals I have… When I was starting, I was journaling, to capture the memories and the essences of pivotal moments of my life… more like a reporter… In the past year, I learned a new way of journaling which I call “Rewriting Your Story”.

I journal about lessons learned but no longer dwell on them – just acknowledging the lessons learned… what I REALLY journal about is POSITIVITY – finding appreciation even in the things that don’t quite seem positive… It’s a moment in time where I can express my “rampage of appreciation” and in doing so, I propel myself into an inspired state which breeds inspired action… The CLARITY and JOY this brings me is unparalleled… Through GRATITUDE, I connect to God – to the Source which created the universe and meditation and journaling is the fastest way for me to CONNECT with WHO I REALLY AM… Blessings to you my Friend!

Kerric TheConnector Tyler WOW. I Mean WOW. (My mind is open.) thank you.

Emma Tiebens  — Kerric TheConnector Tyler – great to hear… now start writing my friend! Just keep on writing and when you feel the onset of negativity trying to take over, PIVOT or shift it to something positive you can find within the situation… if that’s impossible, shift your focus on something else that’s positive around you…

Kerric TheConnector Tyler I will. i acutally bought some juournal but never kept up progress. I have gotten better at not being angry so much at my past but i guess it is replacing or rather releasing my thought, bad or good. I just love you and the life you have created for you and your family. I wish to attian the peace displayed in your picture.

Emma Tiebens Congratulations Kerric TheConnector Tyler! The first step is acknowledging that there is power in journaling and you already took the first steps in acquiring blank journals. Yes while people may seem to say “releasing your thoughts, good or bad” is better than no action, I have to tell you emphatically that there is DANGER in journaling just to release your thoughts. Why not journal to enable you to “Rewrite Your Story” and be a designer of your reality instead of accepting things by default… here’s the major lesson here… “We may not always have control of situations around us, but we are ALWAYS in control of the story and meaning we give to it and how we CHOOSE To feel about it….” The idea and intention is to find that which FEELS GOOD which will propel you to the next inspired action… this is the #1 secret to becoming MAGNETIC of all good things, people, resources, opportunities… I am living proof… Peace is a decision away… DECIDE you will attain such peace, right here, right now and you got it!

Kerric TheConnector Tyler Iam so going to copy all of this when I get home and meditate on it.

It’s simply amazing how one inspired post can empower someone like Kerric to take action on something he’s been thinking of but hasn’t fully jumped into for whatever reason. Now he’s on his way to truly enjoying the “Art of Journaling” to help one design and co-create the reality they will choose to see in their lives… There is great power in this…

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Cheering You On!



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