Relentless for a LOVE Revolution

(Here is an article I wrote in October 2005 for my old Blog.  I thought it was worth sharing….)

Have you ever experienced a “fire in your belly”?  You know, a revelation that is so much more than just an “aha” moment? 

Well this weekend, God spoke loud and clear to me and created that incredible fire which I have never experienced before!

Three years ago, my focus was business, family then God.  After meeting Dani Johnson, I changed my priorities to God, family then business.  Since then, my family has experienced a major transformation!  We knew that God  is calling us for something greater and is educating us at warp speed!  Something that’s beyond what we can see!

Being new Christians, we pray to always seek God’s wisdom and to strengthen our faith that when information comes our way, that we will be able to discern if they are information God wants us to hear.

God has led me to my very first Joyce Meyer Conference in St. Louis, MO this weekend of Oct. 2-4, 2008.  A big blessing and thank you to my best friend Diane Barrett for always standing along side with me in my search for wisdom.  I am beyond grateful to my husband Gary, son Garrett and Mom Elena for always supporting where God is leading me to.  God has sent us a lady named Susie Vanker from Michigan whom Diane and I met on the plane on our way to Orlando, FL.  It was through her that we knew of Joyce Meyer’s conference!  Through her, we met our most amazing Sisters In Christ this weekend – wonderful ladies from Michigan and Chicago – Tonya, Sandra, Donica, Joanne, Liz and Aggy.

Shortly, I will be sharing my notes as I always do.  Meanwhile, I am still here at the Hampton Inn in downtown St. Louis, and I couldn’t resist writing about it.  It’s as if my hands are being led to share this weekend’s experience. 

Prior to this weekend’s experience, I have many questions about WHAT CAN WE DO TO SHARE HOPE IN GOD TO HIS PEOPLE?  What could I possibly do to even make a difference in the world and our current econmic and spiritual crisis?  I have always felt that I there is nothing I could possibly do since the situation is so confusing and beyond my comprehension.  I didn’t know where to start…

This weekend opened my heart, my eyes and my mind!  Prepare for my relentless pursuit of a LOVE Revolution!  I will be honored to have you pursue this with me!