Relational Marketing: Encourage… Empower… Engage!

After 3 months of contemplation, I have finally decided to redo my Blog. Thanks to the masterful advice and tireless help of George Fourie, Founder of .

When I started The Relational Marketer on January 2009, I started from scratch just from the pure desire to help remind people to ask the question: “Whose Life Is Now Better Because Of Yours”? I believed then, as much as I believed now that relational or relationship marketing will be the future of marketing!

A year or so later, there is now a need for me to expand and provide more skills and content to my amazing friends who continue to inspire me to do better. The Relational Marketer has now evolved into a “hub” for the many skills and wisdom I would like to share with other entrepreneurs who are doing their best and are committed to creating a powerful online presence for their businesses so they can use that to attract, nurture and retain clients and build powerful business relationships as well.

So, I am happy to announce the launch of my newly redesigned The Relational Marketer Blog in the next few weeks! My new Blog will focus on 3 key things:

1) “Encourage Entrepreneurs” by sharing with them, inspirational resources – quotes, books, courses, videos, communities – to enable them to keep on believing and pressing forward.

2) “Empower Entrepreneurs” – with online marketing skills that they would need to learn or integrate with their overall marketing strategy, including Offline Networking Strategies, Social Media Strategies and Online Video Marketing that will enable them to become more understood, appreciated, admired and have a following. Not to mention being able to reach people – industry leaders – they wouldn’t have been able to reach before.

3) “Engage Entrepreneurs” – Be able to offer entrepreneurs with my own personal success systems and strategies that will allow them to “play like the big boys”, whether through my books, online courses, my Relational Marketing Secrets Blueprint or my Online Video Success Now services. I am passionate about connecting like-minded, positive and results-oriented entrepreneurs with each other to create a powerful community of successful people making a world of difference to the lives of many.

These 3 E’s are the basic foundation for Relational/Relationship Marketing. Encouragement “Attracts, Empowerment “Nurtures” and Engagement “Retains”.

It is my hope that through this Blog, you will learn to become powerful Relational Marketers and build successful relationships that will propel your business to the level you’ve never imagined and connect with people – clients, leaders and mentors – who will drastically change your life, just as it did for me!

Cheering You On To Your Success!


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2 thoughts on “Relational Marketing: Encourage… Empower… Engage!

  1. Nice work Emma! I’m looking forward to your value packed content you will deliver.

    Having met you in person. You truly walk your talk. It’s an honor to know you and be in your circle.

    To Your Genius,


  2. Hi Eiji! Thanks for ALWAYS being there… encouraging… you are beyond amazing! I’m sooo honored to call you FRIEND!


    Emma 😉