Proverbial Success Principles Video #1 – How Do I Promote My Website?

Happy Cinco de Mayo 2009!  It’s a GORGEOUS day here in Huntington Beach! I have my 2 nephews visiting from Manila, Philippines and I’ve been busy taking them to see beautiful Huntington Beach!

Last week, I launched our Video Series in line with the book I am launching called “Proverbial Success Principles”.  In line with that book, I have invited my Twitter and Facebook friends to participate in the video series by asking about a topic that they would like me to address in one of my video series.  Every week, I will choose 1 topic to discuss and as my “thank you” to the person who asked the question, I will give them a “free” advertising on my video for all my viewers to see…

For our first episode, the question was sent in by Dean McNamara of .  I was going to postpone this episode until my nephews have left but I couldn’t wait to share so I went ahead and filmed in my son’s bedroom and the lighting was horrible!  However, I didn’t turn that as an excuse not to do this video…

I promise, the next video will be much better!  Next week, we will address:  “How To Become Great At Public Speaking”.

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