Passport To Your Dreams…

A conversation with an International Event Producer Friend of mine, on the possibility of Garrett and I speaking as “Mom and Son” Team prompted me to check our passports and they are a few months away from expiring. Having been an International Flight Attendant not so long ago, seeing our passports brought to mind invaluable lessons learned, so valuable that they are worth sharing here.

* Are you thinking of traveling internationally any time soon? Make sure that your passport is will not be expiring within 6 months of your travel date as most countries require that your passports are valid for more than 6 months.

* As a general rule of thumb, set your alarm on your smart phone or your computers or digital/paper calendar planners, 9 months before your passports expire to remind you to renew your passports.

* If the passport is for someone 15 or younger, passports are only good for 5 years. For 16 and older, passports are good for 10 years.

* You don’t need to go to the actual U.S. Department of Travel to obtain a passport. Most of the time, your local City Hall has a passport issuing office. Call them first. Sometimes your local post offices would have them too. Here’s a page where you can find a ton of information about obtaining a passport:

* If you’re a speaker and you’ve been dreaming of becoming an International Speaker but don’t have your passport yet, perhaps now is the time to take a step towards making that dream a reality by getting your passport now to prepare that vision to becoming a reality.

And here’s a biggie:

* When people ask you, what are your dreams and desires? Do you say, “To travel the world?” If so, let me ask you this, “Do you have a passport?” Many people I have asked in the past did not have a passport yet one of their dreams is to travel the world.

Set yourself up for success. Ask yourself, if I was living the life I want to live now, who do I need to become and what are the necessary steps I need to take to move the energy towards the right direction?

Having a passport is a simple yet empowering tool and reminder that you are moving forward towards the direction of your dreams…

Go get or renew yours now!

Cheering You On!


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