THANK YOU For Making My Birthday This Year Extra Special!

It’s now 6:03 a.m. on my special day… it’s my birthday!!!  Woohooo!  I’ve been awake since 4:30 a.m. with great anticipation for the day!

For the past 3 days, I’ve been receiving amazing and loving birthday well wishings from friends via email, Facebook and Twitter and I tell you, I have never experienced such incredible outpouring of LOVE!  This by far is one of the most amazing birthday’s I have ever had! 

My husband Gary, son Garrett and Mom Elena are all with me vacationing here in beautiful Westin Mission Hills Villas in Rancho Mirage. This morning they woke up early with me, sang “Happy Birthday” to me and they gave me a most amazing and loving card… on the back of the card, was a drawing of the gift my husband gave me today: A NEW MACBOOK PRO!  I couldn’t believe what I saw… I have been saving up for a MacBook Pro and now hubby gave it to me as a surprise present!  I am still in shock…

However, what makes today even more special which continues to move me to tears even as I write this blog post is the kindness of people whom I’ve been so blessed to have connected with through social media – Facebook, Twitter and You Tube!   You know who you are… you who took the time to remember my special day and send me your loving well-wishing! 

When people ask me, “How is it possible to build relationships online? It seems like a rather cold place to connect with people…”  I guess now I can really say:  “If you ever doubt the relationships you are able to build online, you better come check out my Facebook Wall and see for yourself because you will see people there who took the time to send me birthday well wishings and whose presence in my life – online and offline – continue to inspire me!” With that said, it is my hope that I am able to do the same to each and everyone of you!”

I created this video to say thank you to all of you who just blew me away with your thoughtfulness and for taking the time to make me know about it!  I am literally on Cloud 9 and EVERY GREETING THAT CONTINUES TO COME IN JUST MAKES MY HEART SMILE!  My intention is to send the link to this post to most of your “Inbox” to show you my GRATITUDE for having you in my life!  I will do my best to get to all of you!

If you found your way here through other avenues, I want to THANK YOU just the same for taking the time to read this…

What’s my birthday wish?  As I said on this video, my birthday wish is for God to continue to grant me the ability to utilize the gifts He gave me to continue to inspire, encourage and empower people, especially those in the business arena who are discouraged and lost. 

More importantly, my birthday wish for YOU is that you continue to live a life on purpose and help others find theirs and in the process you too will become unbelievably blessed so you can become a blessing to others!

From my heart to yours:  “I’m Utterly Grateful For You!!!  Thank you for making my birthday extra special!

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