My Grown-up Christmas List

“My Grown-up Christmas List” – MY PERSONAL VIDEO… (Yes, that’s me singing in the background 😀 ) As this year 2013 comes to a close and a new one begins, I think of my life and the lives of those I have been truly blessed to come in contact with. As I worked with clients and spent time with friends we’ve all had our measure of challenges, as well as victories and something most of us have in common is “Our Grown Up Christmas List” and for some simply a “Holiday Wish” or perhaps even a “Year-Long List”.

One of my most favorite songs not only at Christmas but year-round is “My Grown-up Christmas List” by Amy Grant and Kelly Clarkson. Through the lyrics of David Foster, I sang this a cappella – not because I like the sound of my singing voice 😉 – but because I desire to share my fervent wish for PEACE, HOPE and LOVE with you through this short video I personally produced from my heart to yours. If you’re moved or inspired by this, please inspire someone and Like, Comment and Share.. – A Very Merry Christmas and a Happy Holidays to you and your families!

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2 thoughts on “My Grown-up Christmas List

  1. My dearest Elisabeth!
    Oh my goodness! I trust you had a very Merry Christmas and a super fabulous time ringing in the New Year! You are soooo amazing… thank you for your kind words – they fill my heart with love… Let’s stay connected! Many Blessings for 2014!!!