My Birthday Wish… Is About YOU!

With My "Boys" Cheering Me On At My 2-Day Speaking Event...

I am about to celebrate my “21st” birthday – (again)  in a few days and the days leading to my birthday is filled with highs and lows…

Amazing how it has been a year since we’ve moved out of our home and moved into the new… I remember last year, I was unpacking our moving boxes when I realized that it’s my birthday and gosh darn it, I was going to celebrate it even if Gary (my husband) was out of town…


I changed from my sweats into jeans, told Garrett to do the same and off we went to Fashion Island in Newport Beach, CA… one of our favorite places to walk around in.

I remember Garrett took a video of me last year and the video is below…

I will never forget this particular birthday because even when the emotions are high, it felt as if a HUGE weight was lifted off me.  I felt as if I just became UNSTOPPABLE!

It felt as if God was saying to me… “Trust me my child… I have something so much better for you that’s beyond what you can see right now…

What was interesting is that I had full acceptance of the situation. Sure there was sadness and regret but I was full of HOPE.  It was then that I found myself saying “NO” to a lot of things:

NO to Mediocrity

NO to Playing It Small

NO to Fear of Failure

NO to Fear of Success

NO to Fear of Not Being Good Enough

NO to Bright and Shiny Objects, and

NO to Negative People and Environment


As I said NO to many things, I also said YES to even more possibilities:

YES to Investing In Mentors I Respect and Want To Become

YES to Being Vulnerable

YES to Becoming a Speaker

YES to Sharing My Story To Inspire Others

YES to Writing My Book and Sharing My Story

YES to Creating My Own M90X System

YES to Offering a High End Program

YES to Being More Selective of the People I Spent Time With

YES to Being More Bold About Who I Am and The Purpose I Was Called For.

YES to Being Comfortable to Ask More For My Time

YES to Being More Selective of The Clients I Accept.

YES to Putting Family First

YES to Spirit Driven Marketing


So guess what?  The months after our move was when I generated income that I never thought I was capable of with strategies I never thought I was cut out to do!

3 weeks after the move, I attended Joel Bauer’s Profit Point Speaker Mastery and 2 1/2 months out of the gates, I had my first 2-day “Relational Marketing Secrets” LIVE Event!  Shortly after that, I had clients who paid me for my high end consulting and word of mouth was inevitable!  Joint Venture offers and Collaboration opportunities started coming before I even really understood what to do with them! It was the most empowering feeling ever!

Something absolutely shifted with the way leaders and influencers perceived me. They now look to me as a peer.  Could it be that once I stepped into who I truly was, it was then that I started to emit that high and  powerful energy?  Friends started coming out of the wood-works to support me and for the first time, I was comfortable receiving their gifts.  Oh I can’t wait for you to experience that feeling!

It’s amazing how clarity truly comes after commitment… As soon as I made the decision to listen to my Yeses, doors started opening right and left.  Opportunities for collaboration opened up and I was at the best position to take advantage of them.  Clients started seeking me and some even had to chase me to pay me!


My birthday wish for you, is that you too will start saying YES to the same things I said YES to.

And just as I have been gifted with for the past year, my prayer is that you too will be gifted with:

1) Discernment – to know what’s best for you and your families in this NOW moment.

2) Ease and Grace – that you will allow yourselves to receive the gifts God is holding in   safe-keeping for you.

3) Courage – that you are good enough exactly where you are right now.

4) Wisdom – to really understand that you were give all the right parts to succeed.

5) Abundance – that you have access to the same resources successful people have access to… you just need to get out of your own way!

6) Visibility – to broaden your reach so your message can be heard.

7) Influence – to uplevel your circle of influence – increase your network to increase your net worth!

8) Great Health – so you can live life to the fullest and spend more time with those you love.

9) Boldness – so you will start playing bigger games and positively impact more lives.

10) Spirituality – so you can fully realize the untapped potential you have knowing that Success is in your DNA.

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Until We Connect…

I’m Cheering You On To Your Success!

Emma 😉

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6 thoughts on “My Birthday Wish… Is About YOU!

  1. Emma,
    Beautiful post and one that I can relate to peronally. YES is the key that unlocks so many locked doors. You deserve all your success and more.

    Happy early birthday! 🙂


  2. Beautiful message Emma !

    I WISH the same thing for you on your Birthday….and more of the BLESSINGS you truly deserve. Thank you for your kind wishes …you are surrounded by wonderful people who trust and believe in you . You are one huge POSITIVE ENERGY who keeps on attracting ONLY positive-minded and like-hearted people just like a MAGNET of LOVE.


    Warm Hugs,


  3. I adore you, Michael Stevenson!!! Thanks for all your support always… Honored to have a friend in you! Can’t wait to see you in action on Sept. 23-25… Big Hugs!

  4. Thanks Rachel! Great to “see” you here… Amen… WE MUST BELIEVE WE’RE WORTH IT and truly prepare ourselves to receive! Big Hugs…

  5. Nell dearest… thanks so much for just being you… for being this ball of energy who illuminates that path for so many… you’re most definitely a blessing in my life! I appreciate you very much!!! Big Hugs….