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2 thoughts on “IMG_0329

  1. I still remember those days when we used to see the Sta Elena fiesta affairs. Nine days novenas, processions, pa-agaw na nakasabit sa punong acacia infront of the bisita…… and there Kuya Elo domineering the game, while we watch being small kids for the event, with him are Nardo, Iyo at other lambak boys. At hihingi na lang kami sa Kuya Elo sa kanyang naagaw. And this is after the porcession o’ pagilaw sa mga pagayak o’ sagala, tulad nina Araceli Virgo del Rsario, ikaw Ate at seguro Ate Emilia. But I know, someday we will recollect those happy days….somewhere, sometime. We love you all and God bless us. C U there.

  2. Hello Tito Carling! How are you? Oh this is a beautiful commemoration of yours and my Mom and Tiya Milya’s youth! Those were the “golden days” and I for one appreciate listening to those stories re-told over and over… To this day, I have fond memories of the mabolo and guava trees, the pabitins, the festivities near the river and the simple life we had in Marikina… to me, Marikina and those who were born and raised there, symbolized having a big family… Everybody knew everybody! I will share this with Nanay when I talk to her.. thanks so much and many blessings to you and your family! Emma