Money Wants To Flow To You…

“Many people forget that ABUNDANCE goes beyond just the MONEY… Abundance includes abundant health, wisdom, peace, inspiration, joy and RELATIONSHIPS.

When we focus on CHASING THE MONEY, we neglect the other areas of our lives and we focus on what’s MISSING and guess what? We intensify the lack of money instead.

Learn the Art of PIVOTING and start to ATTRACT and KEEP more ABUNDANCE in
your life.

It’s time you ALLOW money to flow to you. That’s what it wants to do but you’re getting in the way!”

– Emma Tiebens – Relational Marketer, Speaker, Author, Marketing Consultant

Discover and Learn the “Art of Pivoting” – just one of the highlights at my “HardSell2HeartSell” LIVE Breakthrough Training Experience – June 15, 2013 – Balboa Bay Club and Resort – Newport Beach, CA


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