MLM Online… Re-Visiting My Roots!

Emma Tiebens Network Marketing Online Coach

Two years ago, I made a conscious choice to gradually wean myself from building my network marketing business using traditional means of one on one prospecting and home/hotel presentations. I made a commitment to immerse myself in learning how to become an effective online attraction and relational marketer. Through the unbelievable personal growth, new discoveries and intense learning and implementation of skills, I have made a little “detour” and started Coaching and Consulting traditional business owners, coaches, and speakers on how to use social media and video marketing to create a brand and a powerful presence online which not only attracted their ideal clients but also positioned them as leading authorities, enabling them to reach people they wouldn’t have been able to reach before!

In doing so, I have neglected to focus on the very reason I went and sought internet/online marketing knowledge in the first place. That is to identify and help a select group of MLM business owners and network marketers who are coachable, are willing to do whatever it takes to brand themselves online and work alongside with me to learn the power of relational marketing to build a lasting and long term network marketing business!

The past 2 weeks, I came to a VERY important realization when my trusted friends, mentors and advisors started sharing what I believe are life altering emails! After being exposed to MLM Launch Formula by Jonathan Budd through Mike Klingler and DiDi Alcheva, then a week later got introduced to MLM Blog Secrets by Ty Tribble through Ann Sieg and George Fourie, it’s as if a dark veil was lifted from my face!

After 2 years of silence, I have realized that there is a huge segment of my social media friends and following that have been under served and they are my “network marketing” or MLM friends who are transitioning to learn what it will take for them to succeed in building their home business, network marketing or MLM business online. I get a lot of comments and I see, hear and meet a lot of online network marketers out there who are making endless mistakes online that is getting them into major overwhelm, costing them a ton of money and without seeing results or moving forward in their businesses. I WANT TO HELP THEM STOP THE OVERWHELM AND HELP BRING CLARITY TO THEIR CONFUSION!

So, I am BREAKING MY 2 year silence and am offering my and (Site being designed at the moment). If you’re a network marketer or a professional transitioning into online marketing to promote your home business or network marketing opportunity, you’ll want to stay tune as I will be posting some invaluable information that will save you precious time and money and will help you get out of overwhelm!

Meanwhile, I would love to gift you with a Special Report on “Stop The Overwhelm! Avoid 5 Very COSTLY Mistakes Network Marketers Do Online That Wastes Money and Precious Time!” Just enter your information below and I will give you immediate access!

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